iShook Finance & ishook iShook Finance & ishook en Copyright 2022 iShook Inc & All Rights Reserved. Italy Approves 24 Billion&Euro Budget to Strengthen Economy and Support Families Italy's government, led by Premier Giorgia Meloni, has given the green light to a 24 billion-euro budget for the upcoming year. This budget aims to boost public health services, encourage families to have more children, and provide financial support to low- and medium-wage earners.

Giorgia Meloni emphasized that this budget is aligned with the government's priorities. Despite an expected increase of 13 billion euros in debt payments due to rising interest rates, Meloni described the budget as both "serious" and "realistic."

Key measures include a reduction in payroll taxes, which will add an extra 100 euros per month to the income of 14 million Italians. This move is intended to increase spending power, especially in the face of rising inflation.

The budget also introduces payroll tax breaks for women with at least two children and guarantees free nursery school from the second child onwards. These measures are aimed at dispelling the notion that having children hinders professional opportunities.

Around 3 billion euros have been allocated to enhance Italy's public health services, with the goal of reducing wait times for critical medical services, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, who leads the Forza Italia party, criticized the lengthy waiting lists for medical services, calling them a "national shame." He emphasized the urgency of timely medical evaluations.

The budget also includes an increase in the minimum pension and a reduction in the annual fee supporting RAI state television, from 90 euros to 70 euros for households.

In a significant infrastructure development, Meloni's Cabinet has approved funds for the construction of a long-debated bridge connecting mainland Italy to Sicily. This project holds special significance for League leader Matteo Salvini, who serves as the infrastructure minister. Salvini has announced plans to begin work on the bridge next year.

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White House and Republicans Aim to Reach Agreement on US Debt Ceiling as Deadline Approaches Negotiations are set to resume today between the White House and congressional Republicans as they work towards a deal to increase the US government's debt ceiling. With just a week remaining before a potential catastrophic default, Democratic President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, find themselves at odds over spending, taxes, and work requirements for anti-poverty programs. Nevertheless, both sides express optimism that they can find common ground following productive discussions held by their respective negotiating teams on Wednesday.

McCarthy, the leading Republican in Congress, stated during a press briefing that they will continue working towards a solution after his team concluded a four-hour meeting at the White House.

Time is of the essence as the Treasury Department warns that the United States could run out of funds to meet its financial obligations as early as June 1, just seven days from now, if the debt ceiling is not raised. A default by the US could have severe consequences, including disrupting global financial markets and potentially pushing the country into a recession.

On Wednesday, credit rating agency Fitch announced that it had placed the United States' "AAA" credit rating on negative watch due to escalating political disputes concerning the nation's debt limit. Fitch had previously taken similar action in October 2013.

Fitch stated in its announcement, "The brinkmanship over the debt ceiling, failure of the US authorities to meaningfully tackle medium-term fiscal challenges ... and a growing debt burden signal downside risks to US creditworthiness."

The prolonged standoff has raised concerns on Wall Street, causing a decline in US stocks and an increase in borrowing costs for the nation.

Passing any agreement through the Republican-controlled House and the Democratic-controlled Senate will require several days. It is customary for lawmakers to raise the self-imposed debt limit to cover the expenses of already approved spending and tax cuts.

Representative Steve Scalise, the second-ranking House Republican, stated that members of the House will be given three days to review any debt-ceiling bill before casting their vote. In the Senate, a single member can delay action for days.

Although the House was scheduled to begin a week-long Memorial Day holiday recess on Thursday, Scalise warned lawmakers to be prepared for a recall vote if necessary.

McCarthy has emphasized that any deal must include cuts to discretionary spending next year and impose limits on spending growth in the future to curb the growth of US debt, which currently matches the nation's annual economic output.

Biden has proposed a spending freeze at current levels for the next year and suggested several tax increases to address the debt issue.

Moody's, another credit rating agency, has indicated that it may reconsider its highest rating for the US government if lawmakers fail to reach an agreement. A previous debt-ceiling standoff in 2011 prompted S&P Global, a rival ratings agency, to downgrade the country's rating.

Both parties' lawmakers are hesitant to compromise. Hardline House Republicans insist that Biden must accept the significant spending cuts they passed last month, while some Democrats accuse Republicans of holding the economy hostage to push their own agenda.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar criticized the opposition, saying, "They are looking to waste time, play games, and ensure we default because they think that somehow that is going to be a political advantage."

Biden initially maintained that he would not engage in negotiations regarding the debt limit, but he subsequently changed his stance and initiated talks with McCarthy in recent weeks.

The last time the federal government came close to default was in 2011, during a similar power dynamic in Washington—a Democratic president, a Senate majority, and a Republican-controlled House.

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Personal Finance FAQs: Top 10 Most Googled Questions Answered by Experts Managing personal finances can be overwhelming, but with the right information, it can be easy. In this article, we'll answer the top 10 most searched finance-related frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Google. From creating a budget to saving for retirement, we've got you covered with expert advice and practical tips to help you manage your finances.

How to Create a Budget?

Creating a budget is essential to managing personal finances. Begin by tracking your income and expenses for a month, categorize your expenses, and identify areas where you can cut back. Set achievable goals and follow through.

How Much Should I Save for an Emergency Fund?

Experts recommend having three to six months' worth of living expenses in an emergency fund. This can help you cover unforeseen expenses such as medical emergencies or job loss.

What Is a Credit Score, and How Is It Calculated?

Your credit score represents your creditworthiness, calculated based on several factors, including payment history, credit utilization, and credit history. A good credit score qualifies you for loans and credit cards with favourable terms.

How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

Improving your credit score involves making all payments on time, keeping credit utilization low, and avoiding opening too many credit accounts at once.

What Is the Best Way to Pay Off Debt?

There are various strategies for paying off debt, including the debt avalanche and debt snowball methods. The debt avalanche method involves paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first, while the debt snowball method involves paying off the smallest debt first.

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

Experts recommend saving at least 10-15% of your income for retirement. The exact amount depends on your lifestyle and retirement goals.

What Is a 401(k), and How Does It Work?

A 401(k) is an employer-offered retirement savings plan. You can contribute pre-tax dollars, and your employer may match your contribution. The money in your 401(k) account grows tax-free until you withdraw it in retirement.

What Is an IRA, and How Does It Work?

An IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a retirement savings account that you can set up on your own. You can contribute a certain amount each year, and the money in your IRA account grows tax-free until you withdraw it in retirement.

Should I Prioritize Paying Off Debt or Saving for Retirement?

It's advisable to prioritize paying off high-interest debt before saving for retirement. However, it's also important to start saving for retirement as early as possible to benefit from compounding growth.

How Can I Start Investing?

To begin investing, learn about the different types of investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Consider working with a financial advisor to develop an investment strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance.

In conclusion, by following these expert tips and practical advice, you can manage your personal finances with ease and confidence.

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BITCOIN: Michael Saylor Orange Pills Tucker Carlson Interview Recap He is also making a successful relationship with other well-known companies by showing them prosperity and to the world as well. Tesla has invested $1.5 billion in the industry and the number of investors has been increasing day by day due to its security and fame. Every businessman wants to work under the safe heaven and bitcoin is one of the safest shelters in the world. This safety increases the confidence of the investors so they prefer to invest in Bitcoin instead of gold. 

He is contributing strategies to catch the attention of the investors. This video is all about Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy Incorporated which is an organization that gives business insight (BI) and progressive programming at the high level of administration.  

Established in 1989 by Michael J. Saylor, the firm is creating all kinds of information to settle on the choices of businesses. It is the best organization to invest the money and get huge profits. Everyone can invest in this because it is a public organization. Saylor is the CEO of the organization who is working very hard to get the company at its peak. He has been getting the attention of the investors by providing them security and more chances of getting profit. 


MicroStrategy Incorporated provides a platform that empowers businesses and undertakes to send online announcements and examination arrangements. It additionally offers counseling, preparation, and support administration to get more chances of earning profits. 

MicroStrategy is an outstanding and growing business for programming sellers that uphold scorecards, exceptionally organized reports, prompt inquiry, edges, alarms, and computerized report conveyance to get the attention of the people.

Michael Saylor is planning for an impressive future again and he says, it will be a unique opportunity for investors from all over the world who want to invest but on a security basis. He is the man who has brought the status of his company back in a few years. 

Aldous Huxley says when the singular feels, the local reels because he was thinking about the world for the coming 500 years. He also says that the world needs 80 years for the particular vision especially in the city of the Arab world. 

It is the power of Michael Saylor who didn’t lose his heart and worked constantly to get his goal and he did it. Huxley says that the world’s aggregate insight goes for social change to get better results. It is in the access of everybody because the hard work can be done by anyone but it takes a time to get something in the future. 

Expansion in the World

While talking about the global expansion, he added that COVID-19 left some serious impacts on the entire world but it also gave rise to some opportunities. During this time, a huge density of people started taking interest in digital currencies and turned their business preferences to invest and earn through Bitcoin. 

Some people still considered that Bitcoin is inefficient but many people love to invest in this business due to the potential to get strong returns. It has a comparative administration framework that is followed by rules and regulations. Michael Saylor has the ability to get the attention of the investors of the world so he didn’t lose heart and he earned it.  

The inquiry is whether I need to face the danger in my life or not? But the wisest idea is that to do a business that has more than 100 years of guarantee and that is Bitcoin of course. I am not saying this from my side, it is the experts’ opinion because of the fame of the organization. All the investors of the world believe the same as I am saying to you.  


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Jeff Jiho Zirlin & Co&Founder of Axie Infinity Ep #47 How did It start Through CryptoKitties? 

Zirlin started by greeting the host and the audience for their immense interest in knowing all about Axie Infinity. He thanked everyone for reaching out to him from the traditional gaming space and started telling how it all started through CryptoKitties. He talked about the huge potential within the NFT games segment. He unveiled that the majority of the Axie community consists of people from the CryptoKitties community because it was the time when people started to know about the blockchain community and CryptoKitties was the most prominent blockchain-based game at that time. He added that all early Axie members met while playing CryptoKitties. This included co-founders Sky Mavis, CEO Trung, and many others.  

What is Axie Infinity?

According to Zirlin, Axie Infinity is a blockchain game. It allows the users to battle and collect adorable pets that are called Axies. He added that they have kept a precise balance between the in-game economy and supercharged it through blockchain resources that are ERC-20 tokens whereas the Axies are non-fungible tokens or NFTs. Along with that, they offer their own marketplace where users can find unique decks to exchange in-game resources. So, the basic idea behind this game is to introduce people to something new and based on blockchain   

Game Design and Constant Iteration

The game runs on a card-based battle system like other famous games such as Pokémon. Each Axie has six different body parts corresponding to different cards that users can withdraw during battle. There are numerous body parts and combinations of Axies. Instead of requiring the users to make transactions and engage in auto-battle action, Zirlin came up with an idea to provide them with a more engaging and exciting game experience. 

He infused real-time decision making and battling against opponents. After sampling and testing, the team of experts finally decided to go with the card battle system. He also revealed that his team is planning to release a whole new version of the battle system upgraded with new features which can also be determined as a new game experience.  

What Is a Blockchain Game? A Mix of Social Network, Gaming and The Start of a New Economy

Zirlin answered the question by explaining that a blockchain game is a unique combination of fun and adventure that have deep roots in the digital economy space. He said, instead of game development, these games have emerged into a rapidly thriving market that focuses purposefully on allowing the in-game economy to prosper. 

Compared to most traditional games where the real money is not encouraged, NFT games allow the autonomy to play with digital currency in the form of minting fees, incentives, etc. The core objective is to give rise to a peer-to-peer or player-to-player economy as large as possible. Similar to any other modern game that attempts to maximize the use of premium features for monetization, NFT games have revolutionized the segment with this new concept of the digital economy. 

Why Is Crypto Important to Axie?

The global gamers community consists of billions of users. Some of them play for fun while some aim to gain global fame within the gaming segment. Compared to traditional games, NFT games involve cryptocurrency. It allows the users to not only play the game but also earn some potential money. It can be done without crypto but the various layers of decentralization and the centralization of the ownership allows 95% of the value flowing through the game goes directly to the player. Zirlin explained the relationship between the value of the game and the need for increased decentralization which indeed requires the use of blockchain in terms of monetization, security, and many other aspects.

Building and Relying on Your Community  

Zirlin highlighted the importance of the community by agreeing with the fact that NFT game developers have to take good care of the game users’ demands and believe in continuous improvements and developments. If the developer is delivering something that accompanies the users’ dynamic needs, then it can transform into an overnight success. In the beginning, there were just hundreds of users and within three years Axie Infinity accounts for more than 680K users globally. By deploying their sidechain ‘Ronin’, Zirlin’s team was able to witness hypergrowth backed by the expansive scalability of the concept which was impossible without engaging with the community.   

Is The Future of Gaming the Metaverse and User-Owned Assets? 

Axie Infinity has taken gaming to a new level by introducing user-owned assets with their property rights based on Metaverse. According to Zirlin, it is a new genre of gaming that will allow a new type of gamers to gather under one roof just like PC games, console games, and mobile games. At the same time, this will continue to thrive as NFT games allow people to make money which is a great value addition. It will change the perception of many who believe that gaming is a waste of time. 

The Feasibility of Crossover Between Games with NFT Ownership

Zirlin says that this unique idea of interoperability between different ecosystems has been around for a while and Axie brings the exclusivity to use different NFT assets in multiple games as they own them. The Axie ecosystem is like a theme park where every asset has a base value. Axie Infinity brings a unique game universe with different experiences and a unified type of NFT game asset that the users can use across other game experiences. It is more like cross-marketing or some kind of cross-pollination that allows users to interoperate their assets across multiple ecosystems. 

Where Are Axies Users from and What Kind of Players Are They? 

Zirlin said that he already had the idea that Axie is a community and cannot be just called a pool of gamers as it is more of a social network. Axie Infinity has users all over the world except the Central African Republic which makes it a geographically dispersed game. He also added that 60% of the users are from the Philippines, followed by North Americans, Europeans as well as a lot of users from developing markets. While explaining the types of players, he added that there are two types of users from those who want to play for fun to those who want to play and earn money.   

What's Axie's Endgame? 

Zirlin and his team believe that Axie is something that has brought complete freedom to a lot of people in terms of bringing a major societal change backed by this cute game that looks simple on the surface but gives a new concept and economic freedom to the gamers. According to him, if Axie can be called the Pokémon of blockchain then there is a lot more to come soon within this community-owned form of the game. He is highly motivated to push the number of NFT gamers to a huge extent allowing the gamers to live in a free society. 

Thoughts On Competitors

In response to market rivalry, Zirlin said that he wants to see more experimentation in the games industry by testing new features, possibilities, and capabilities. He is motivated to test economic features within modern games through different types of NFT game crafting systems. He agrees that if it is the start then the industry requires new people as well to take part and contribute their expertise.

Generative Art and Creating an Axie

Axies have a breeding process and users can easily recognize their characters. As he mentioned earlier, it is super easy to create an Axie by using the various combinations of body parts that are available to the users. So, it is a kind of generative pet that comes in the form of the minting or bonding process which is a part of economic sustainability. 

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Bloomberg's Studio 1.0: Ethereum Co&founder Vitalik Buterin The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin was invited by Bloomberg’s studio in which the purpose of this renowned blockchain was discussed. The episode started with the host providing short details about the inventor. The host Emily Wang questioned Vitalik about how he was able to come to this place and what fascinated him about Bitcoin. The guest replied that he had a great interest in math, cryptography, philosophy, politics, etc. and bitcoin is the fusion of all these topics. Thus, it sparked the interest of Vitalik and his father as well.

The host continued the conversation by revealing that Vitalik didn’t have enough financial means to mine the Bitcoin, so he ended up writing a whitepaper about Ethereum in 2013. She further asked what was the main vision to which the co-founder responded that everything started when he visited a conference in San Jose where he realized that people are leveraging this technology while there was a common question among everyone that we have Bitcoin but what’s next for cryptocurrency.

Vitalik Buterin was asked what is Ethereum and what makes it different from Bitcoin. He replied that Bitcoin has only one application and that is to use it as a currency while Ethereum is much more than that. People can build smart contracts using the programming language and others can easily interact with the dApps. Thus, it’s an open space for everyone to let out their creativity.

Next, it was discussed that can Ethereum become a threat to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as if they are built on Ethereum blockchain, then it would be owned by everyone. The guest replied that it can be a threat and opportunity as well because former CEO Twitter Jack Dorsey is looking forward to decentralized elements.

The host asked how he feels about being a well-recognized person behind the establishment of Ethereum. Vitalik stated that sometimes he wants to be less visible and Emily Wang further questioned other co-founders of Ethereum Anthony Di Iotio quitting crypto because of safety concerns. He was of the point that it has nothing to do with physical safety but he was tired of people annoying him due to which he prefers to wear a face mask in public.

When Vitalik was asked why he wanted Ethereum to be non-profit he replied that the decentralized technology should not be owned by anyone and that platform should be open for everyone. The topic of Vitalik’s tense reaction to Kim Kardashian about Ethereum Max was brought up to which he said that it was a scam project with no value at all so there were no reasons to back up such cryptocurrencies.

The issue of scalability was also brought up and Vitalik stated that the team has been working for 5 years and the scalability has been increased by a great margin. When it was about the comparison of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, he provided his insight that POS is much better because all it takes is a great number of coins and creates block while POW is much expensive as it requires high-end PCs. 

ETH 2.0 which is a major upgrade to the blockchain was discussed to which Vitalik said that it will solve 2 major problems. The first one is that it will be shifted to POS so there won’t be mining anymore and the next thing is the merge in which applications built on POW will be shifted to POS so that they can keep operating seamlessly.

When the host asked Vitalik about the scams that have affected the image of Ethereum, Vitalik stated that crackdowns are in action and things are improving as it was before. He further said that there’s hope because mining is moving out of China reducing the hash rate of one country and the regulatory is also making exceptional efforts.

The founder of Ethereum was also questioned about cyber-attacks from Russia that are leveraging blockchains. He stated that we have to take the present scenario as a wake-up call and improve security now as it can lead to serious consequences in the future.

The duo started a conversation about the future of cryptocurrencies that mostly finance and NFT apps are built on blockchain. The only reason is that the current financial system is not up to the mark and blockchain has made it really easy for anyone to make desired transactions with utmost ease. Plus, the co-founder revealed that he is making the environment secure for users as they have to first make accounts before socializing on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Vitalik was also enquired about the future of crypto to which he replied that it is bright but with fads as there are some projects that are overhyped and may live for a short span of time. When the host asked him about the renowned personality from the financial world, he stated that the majority of them are mistaken about cryptocurrencies and underestimate this technology. 

Vitalik Buterin was a pessimist about Jack Dorsey’s upcoming decentralized finance app built on Bitcoin. He believes that the co-founder of the CEO will have to build his system that will be owned by the Jack’s or participant’s wallet.

The host asked for Vitalik's insight on where the Ethereum will be in the next 5 to 10 years to which he replied that it has the potential to run Metaverse. When it was about Bitcoin replacing the US dollar, he believed that it was impossible because it’s not stable as forex so there’s no replacement but it has its unique applications.

Vitalik Buterin, who is also recognized for his funky t-shirts was questioned about the community engagement to which he replied that it’s healthy for the Ethereum environment to have fun.

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Solana Breakpoint 2021 State of the Network (with Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal) Speed, Cost, and Decentralization 

As described by founders, SOL is a fast, cheap, and fully decentralized platform that has continued to boom globally. Yakovenko compared the speed of light which is around 110ms to travel halfway around the world with SOL’s block time latency which could be minimized to almost ¼ of where it stands today.

When it comes to the total number of transactions that this network processed, he said that there are almost 37.9 billion transactions. According to the Phantom Wallet’s data, there are around 1.26 million monthly active users on the Solana Network.

Next to speed and cost, the founders shed light on the network’s decentralization capabilities and told the audience that Solana runs on more than 2000 nodes around the world which is indeed a considerable but not a staggering number. They also showed their willingness to make it to 100,000 nodes in the near future. Along with that, they said that there are only two ways to meet this target which is through maximizing the cost to destroy all replicas and the cost to censor messages that arrive to all replicas in real-time. 

The Solana Ecosystem

While talking about the Solana Ecosystem, Gokal brought unveiled that the system has been exploding across not only multiple but also every vertical on a global scale. He presented two unique infographics from March 2021 and October 2021 showing that the Solana Ecosystem is thriving at its best in the past months. 

According to him, the two main reasons behind the rapid success of the ecosystem are unquestionably the growing interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As of Nov 2021, the total market value of SOL locked at $15.23B which is indeed an unimaginable amount compared to other platforms. 

As per the data by Metaplex which is a decentralized open-source based web framework allowing artists and brands to launch their self-hosted NFT stores, there were almost 2.2 million NFTs created in 3 to 4 months or 80K NFTs made per day. 

Stablecoin Support and the Global Pool of Solana Developers

Gokal and Yakovenko also appreciated the immense support given to Stablecoin by various centralized crypto exchanges. They were happy to mention that SPL Token received great support from the majority of exchanges making it possible for them to attract USDC and USDCT between the exchanges through the Solana Network. They presented a slide in which it was shown that only Huobi and were the only exchange that did not have USDT and Bitfinex without USDC. 

In addition to that, Gokal said that all the Solana developers are putting great efforts and building real businesses. He highlighted the fact by presenting another slide of the Ecosystem growth during hackathons. The slide showed that the total number of projects formed dramatically increased during the hackathons. The founders also showed their willingness to reach the total number of Solana developers over a million shortly. By doing this, Solana will be able to serve more than 1 billion people using cryptography with the lowest cost and latency possible. 

Investment Opportunities and The Future of SOL

Solana is considered one of the most distinguished networks when it comes to the total amount invested into it. While presenting key numbers, Gokal estimated that almost $2B of venture capital has been invested in the Solana Network by some of the world’s most renowned and established investors such as SocialCapital, FTX, a16z, coinbase, and many others. While looking at this, it can be easily concluded that this number will soon rise and reach new heights in the coming years. 

Both Yakovenko and Gokal seemed pretty confident about the bright future of the Solana Network. They emphasized that the majority of technical and integral issues have been completely fixed and the network’s roadmap is streamlined to a huge extent. So, it is unquestionably true that SOL is on the verge of its success with NFTs and DeFi. In the end, they again appreciated the efforts made by the entire Solana community on a global scale. 

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Gavin Wood A Walkthrough of Polkadot's Governance What is Governance?

At this point, Polkadot was in the second phase of its launch and Gavin Wood’s team was able to gain 200 validators maintaining the network processing blocks and transactions. Governance is the next stage after having independent validators. 

It is a detailed system of rules that allow making decisions and holding the participants being accountable. Governance is a set of defined rules and regulations that apply to all the participants. He says that decision in the context of technology typically means standards and protocols. When it comes to autonomous crypto-economic systems, some rules are algorithmic, absolute, and machine-executable whereas accountability is ensured through machine-readable signed statements and transactions. 

According to him, it is all about rules over the system instead of rules within the system. He adds that rules over the system are the rules that allow altering the existing rules within the system just like a parliamentary democracy where people elect the representatives to take control and lead the rules of the house and even make amendments to them. His key focus is on determining the rules and laws that can change and the rules that aren’t able to do so. 

Governance in Blockchain

As far as blockchain systems are concerned, Gavin Woods efforts revolve around identifying how blockchains can be used as means of evolving the existing rules and the nature of the logic within the system. He believes that the crypto economic systems will be sporing various other apparatus of the state. 

It helps in preventing the corruption of the rules within the system. While explaining the concept of governance in blockchain he added that the modern crypto economic system will soon become new and autonomous states of the internet. 

Decentralization of Crypto-Economic Systems 

He said that decentralization of the crypto-economic systems will soon become the new form of the worldwide internet and governance is critically important to manage the outward relations. He further added a comparison between isolated states and trading states where the isolated ones tend to perform poorly in maintaining relationships with other states whereas the trading ones tend to have good relations that allow them to yield maximum benefits for each other. 

Making Resources Work in The Interest of The System

Gavin Wood wanted to create decentralized governance in the crypto economic system that can speak for the aggregated blockchain state. Governance is critically important in terms of speaking out on behalf of the crypto economic system. Decentralized crypto economic systems control a huge number of transactions or activities that are hundreds of millions in total. 

Gavin Wood said that just like blockchain isn’t the same as Bitcoin, autonomous governance is also isn’t the same as coin voting. He gave the idea of products and services that do not improve or enhance over time which results in a huge decline in their demand. On the other hand, products in the hardware industry constantly evolve. Keeping this in mind, it can be said that evolution is paramount to long-term viability and governance is the key element that ensures valuable evolution over time. 

Traditional (Bitcoin) Vs. Metaprotocol (Polkadot)

The traditional model such as Bitcoin is very slow and fork off in different directions because governance fails to deliver right there as the stakeholders are unable to gather under one roof of stated rules. On the other hand, Polkadot is a Metaprotocol Model that is considered as the basic building block of decentralized governance. 

It encompasses the very low and basic level of improvement which is all about the implementation of balances, accounts, the notion of transactions, governance, treasury, parachains, etc. All these elements fall on top of the underlying protocol which allows the platform to upgrade itself autonomously. 

The Concept of Autonomous Governance in Polkadot

The entire concept revolves around the following three key elements:

Stake-Weighted Referenda

Polkadot allows arbitrary changes in the core blockchain and can be upgraded in arbitrary ways. This is evident from the fact that Polkadot already evolved from first chain candidate to proof of authority to proof of stake chain. Also, referenda allow the Polkadot network to evolve over time which can be started in three ways namely public referenda, unanimous council, and majority council. 

Approval-Voted Council

Another approach to autonomous governance is the approval-voted council which is a body of delegates that have been voted by the token holders. They have the power to spend from the treasury, introduce votes, and elect one or more council members. The system allocates the votes according to an optimization mechanism to determine the most approved or elected council member.  Councils can propose the referenda more quickly, ensure better and faster coordination, passes negative turnout and veto the proposals once. 

Endowed Treasury

Treasury is a pot of money on the chain system which is fully controlled by the council and the majority of the council can spend that money. It is funded by the transaction fees and by the inefficiencies of the staking reward system. The treasury is designed to provide the governance apparatus and serves as an investment or improvement in the network, its ecosystem, its facilities. It can also be a fund to sponsor the software development or a fund to sponsor awareness education efforts. While talking about the total treasury available to Polkadot, Gavin Wood revealed that there are more than 40K dots already in the treasury which is indeed a substantial amount of cash to be spent.

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