World vs WhatsApp. Durov's Phone Telegram Update

There is a huge controversy going on after WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. Many of the users are against the new policy update and are uploading tons of memes regarding it on Instagram and Facebook. WhatsApp was good in terms of its privacy and was providing end-to-end encrypted chat to respect the privacy of its users. But after Facebook bought WhatsApp, it changed its privacy policy and stated that it will now share its user's data to Facebook such as contact numbers, chats, etc.

New Apps Recommendation

After this new update, Elon Musk tweeted that everybody now switches to signal if they want to keep their privacy in their hands and this tweet was also reposted by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey.

After the new update of WhatsApp, the prime minister of Turkey suggested his nation use BiP instead of WhatsApp. He said most importantly journalists should switch to BiP and abandon WhatsApp.

Raise in Telegram

Pavel was the first person who criticized WhatsApp because of their policy even before they changed it and made it public because he is true to the privacy of his users. After WhatsApp made its privacy policy public according to the analysis of App Annie Telegram got 1st position in most downloaded apps of the following year. People trusted Pavel in terms of their privacy because he left his own country just to save everyone's privacy.

According to App Annie, Telegram gained 5.6 million new users within 4 days in different areas of the world including Central and Latin America, Post-Soviet countries, and African and Asian countries.

Pavel’s Attack on Facebook

Pavel claimed that due to his gain of Telegram users, Facebook has an entire department that checks and analyses because Telegram is becoming more popular. He said that it is still benefitting him because many people do this as their full-time job. Pavel said if you want people to use your social networking app that you have to respect your users and their privacy because no one wants their data to be leaked to the government or people working on Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Covert Marketing

Facebook and WhatsApp do covert marketing. That's why WhatsApp has to send data to Facebook so that it can do its marketing in a more efficient way possible but as we know that the nation doesn't want its data especially private chats to be leaked just because Facebook can do marketing.


After what Pavel said about the Facebook department, Wikipedia exposed that there are many of the paid bots who are adding fake and wrong information in WhatsApp articles on Wikipedia. This is not only it; they are also spreading wrong rumors and myths about Telegram just to regain their users back. But as Pavel said that to regain their user's back all they have to do is to respect their privacy and we know that this is what we want.


Some myths are going on that the so-called paid bots are spreading wrong words over the internet about Telegram. The first myth is that the app is not open-source. To prove this myth wrong there is information that Telegram is a verifiable build both for iOS and Android. They are very transparent about their privacy and encrypted chats. People can test their privacy as well just to see if the chats are encrypted or not because telegram is open-source. On the other hand, WhatsApp is itself not open-source. Even if you send a WhatsApp application to check your privacy, they won't let you verify encryption. There is no error in that, they do that intentionally.

The second myth is that Telegram is a Russian app. As we know that Pavel is initially a Russian citizen but we also know that he was forced to leave Russia due to all the controversies going on in 2011 and protests on VK. Just to add more, telegram is banned in Russia and no country will ban its application that has so many users. So, this is just a myth that is also spread by paid bots of WhatsApp.

The third and the last myth is that Telegram is not encrypted. But we know that the application provides encrypted messages and WhatsApp does not. Telegram provided encryption since its launch. Pavel cares about the privacy of the users rather than WhatsApp which is only interested in covert marketing instead of the users’ privacy. While speaking about covert marketing, Pavel also claimed that Facebook spent $10 billion in marketing while Telegram didn't spend a single penny.


Besides all these users can also chat directly with Pavel asking him different queries about Telegram and the new update as well. While Telegram was in its early age many users asked Pavel, will telegram have a voice message facility as well as group calls?

To which Pavel replied yes, the users will be able to send voice messages as well as be able to do group calls. He also said that along with these features they will also launch a video call feature and screen sharing. Also, there will be a web version of Telegram as well so that it will get easy for office-going workers to access the app on their computers and laptops.

Pavel is so popular and loved among his app users because its priority is privacy that the users were willing to watch a 30-second ad video to monetize Telegram but Pavel thought that it would be better if the app remains ad-free for all the users.