Apple Faces Potential Antitrust Probe by US Justice Department

Apple Under the Antitrust Spotlight: Potential DOJ Probe Raises Concerns

Jan 13, 2024 - 08:50
Jan 13, 2024 - 08:51
Apple Faces Potential Antitrust Probe by US Justice Department
Apple Faces Potential Antitrust Probe by US Justice Department

Apple is reportedly being scrutinized by the US Justice Department. The ongoing two-year investigation is centered around Apple's closely guarded ecosystem, investigating whether the integration of its products, such as iPhones, the App Store, Apple Watch, iMessage, and AirTags, impedes competition. Analysts suggest that the prolonged inquiry may indicate significant findings, raising concerns for the tech giant.

If the Justice Department proceeds with a lawsuit, Apple's highly regarded "walled garden" ecosystem, which has contributed significantly to its revenue streams, could face a substantial threat. Despite facing downgrades due to concerns about weakening iPhone demand, Apple is also gearing up for the launch of its most ambitious product, the Vision Pro spatial computer.

The AR/VR headset, set to go on sale on February 2, marks Apple's first venture into a new device category since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. However, the AR/VR market, while promising, is still relatively small compared to the dominant smartphone space.

A potential antitrust challenge by the DOJ seeking to dismantle Apple's ecosystem would have wide-reaching implications for the company. Apple's substantial revenue is primarily generated through iPhone sales, accounting for a significant portion of its total revenue in 2023. However, the company's services and accessories, including wearables, home, and subscriptions, also contribute significantly to its earnings.

Legal experts suggest that any DOJ antitrust action against Apple would likely focus on how the company maintains its dominant position in specific markets, potentially alleging a monopoly. The timing of such an investigation is noteworthy, given the Biden administration's aggressive stance on reigning in Big Tech.

Apple may face challenges in defending its market position, especially with accusations of abusing its market power, such as imposing fees on app developers and restricting interoperability with third-party services. The outcome of two ongoing antitrust cases, involving Epic Games and Google, could also influence the DOJ's approach to claims against Apple.

The case involving Epic Games and Apple centers on whether Apple holds a monopoly in the mobile app store market. While the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Apple did not have a monopoly, it upheld that under anti-steering laws, Apple must allow more payment options for app users.

The pending antitrust suit against Google, which focuses on its dominance in the search engine market, could also impact the DOJ's approach to Apple. Notably, Google paid Apple and other mobile phone manufacturers billions to serve as their default search engines.

As Apple faces a potential antitrust probe by the Justice Department, talks and negotiations between Apple's attorneys and the DOJ may already be underway. These discussions could potentially lead to a resolution of competition concerns without the need for litigation, providing insights into the company's future legal landscape.

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