BTG Pactual Nears Acquisition of New York Wealth-Management Bank

Stay tuned for BTG Pactual's latest move! They're on the brink of acquiring a New York bank, enhancing their global presence.

Jun 7, 2024 - 09:48
Jun 7, 2024 - 09:49
BTG Pactual Nears Acquisition of New York Wealth-Management Bank
BTG Pactual Nears Acquisition of New York Wealth-Management Bank

Banco BTG Pactual SA, the top independent investment bank in Latin America, is close to finalizing the acquisition of a wealth-management bank in New York, sources close to the matter have indicated. This move is part of BTG's strategy to expand its global footprint.

Strategic Plans and Financial Commitment

While the specific bank being acquired hasn't been named, the deal is set to establish a central hub for private banking, wealth management, corporate banking, and investment banking activities. According to sources, BTG plans to invest between $300 million and $350 million into the acquired bank after the purchase is completed.

No Official Response Yet

As of now, BTG Pactual has not issued any official statements or comments regarding the potential acquisition.

Recent Acquisitions and Global Reach

In a recent move to bolster its international presence, BTG acquired FIS Privatbank in Luxembourg for 21.3 million euros ($23.2 million) last September. The bank has also recently inaugurated an office in Madrid and has established a presence in other key global cities such as Lisbon, London, and Riyadh.

Expanding in the U.S. Market

BTG, headquartered in Sao Paulo, already maintains an office and a broker-dealer operation in New York, alongside wealth-management services in Miami. The bank is looking to expand the variety of products it offers to its existing clients. Rogerio Pessoa, BTG’s partner in charge of wealth management and private banking, highlighted these goals in an interview last year, emphasizing the importance of offering more comprehensive financial services to their clientele.

Broader Implications of the Acquisition

The acquisition of a wealth-management bank in New York represents a strategic expansion for BTG Pactual, allowing it to deepen its engagement with high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients in one of the world's key financial markets. This move is expected to enhance BTG's competitive edge and diversify its service offerings, aligning with its broader vision of becoming a global leader in investment banking and wealth management.


BTG Pactual's potential acquisition of a New York wealth-management bank marks a significant step in its global expansion strategy. By investing substantial capital and integrating new services, BTG aims to strengthen its market position and provide enhanced financial solutions to its clients. As the deal progresses, the financial community will be watching closely to see how this acquisition shapes BTG's future and impacts the broader market.

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