Fed Chair Powell's Remarks Prompt Mixed Reactions in Forex Markets

Forex market reacts as Powell resists a March rate cut, influencing the dollar's performance. Stay updated with the latest financial news.

Feb 1, 2024 - 10:54
Feb 1, 2024 - 10:54
Fed Chair Powell's Remarks Prompt Mixed Reactions in Forex Markets
Fed Chair Powell's Remarks Prompt Mixed Reactions in Forex Markets

On Thursday, the forex markets witnessed a mix of responses following Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's statements, with the dollar's performance against major currencies reflecting the uncertainty.

Dollar's Stability and Yen's Rise:

While the dollar remained relatively stable against the euro, it experienced a decline against the yen as Powell's comments dampened expectations of imminent rate cuts in the U.S. market.

Sterling's Recovery and BoE's Stance:

Sterling saw a rebound after the Bank of England (BoE) signaled a cautious approach, stating the need for further evidence of slowing inflation before considering easing monetary policy.

Market Analysis and Investor Sentiment:

Analysts noted a reluctance among central bankers to align with market expectations of rate cuts, contributing to investor uncertainty. This sentiment was echoed by Adam Button, chief currency analyst at ForexLive in Toronto, who highlighted the cautious stance adopted by central banks.

Impact on Rate Expectations:

Investor bets on a March rate cut diminished following Powell's remarks, with traders now pricing in a 38% probability of a rate reduction in March and a 97% chance by May, according to the CME Group’s FedWatch Tool.

Market Dynamics and Economic Indicators:

The dollar index experienced a slight decline despite Powell's relatively hawkish tone, attributed to falling Treasury yields amid concerns over U.S. regional banks' performance.

Upcoming Economic Releases:

Investors await Friday's release of the U.S. jobs report for January, expected to provide insights into employment trends. Recent data on U.S. worker productivity and unemployment claims added to market volatility.

Global Central Bank Decisions:

In addition to the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, the Riksbank of Sweden kept its key interest rate unchanged, indicating a potential rate cut if inflation continues to decline.


The forex markets remain volatile as investors digest Powell's remarks and adjust their expectations accordingly. Uncertainty persists as central banks navigate evolving economic conditions and assess policy measures to support stability.

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