United States Independence Day 2023: What's Open and Closed on July 4th?

Know what's open and closed on July 4th, Independence Day. Find out about retail, financial services, postal services, and government office closures.

Jul 4, 2023 - 10:54
Jul 4, 2023 - 10:55
United States Independence Day 2023: What's Open and Closed on July 4th?
United States Independence Day 2023: What's Open and Closed on July 4th?

Americans nationwide are gearing up to celebrate Independence Day, a day filled with barbecues, fireworks, and a well-deserved break from work. As we commemorate the birth of American independence on July 4th, 1776, it's essential to know which businesses and services will be open or closed on this national holiday.


Most major retailers, including Kroger, Walmart, and Target, will operate as usual, offering their regular hours of service. However, Trader Joe's locations will close at 5 pm on July 4th. Wholesale retailers like Costco will be closed, while Sam's Club will have shortened hours for plus and club members.

Financial Services:

Since July 4th is recognized as a Federal Reserve banking holiday, most bank branches nationwide will remain closed. Additionally, the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange will take the day off. Online banking services and ATMs will, however, be accessible for financial transactions.

Postal Services:

The United States Postal Service will observe the holiday and suspend mail delivery on July 4th. Regular services from FedEx will be closed, but FedEx Office will operate with modified hours. FedEx Custom Critical will also be available. Meanwhile, United Postal Service (UPS) operations will be closed, with the exception of UPS Express Critical.

Government Offices:

Non-essential government offices, such as the DMV and public libraries, will be closed on July 4th, giving employees the opportunity to enjoy the holiday alongside their fellow citizens.

Conclusion: As Independence Day approaches, it's important to be aware of the operational status of various businesses and services. While major retailers like Walmart and Target will be open, some wholesale retailers and government offices will observe closures. Bank branches and stock exchanges will also remain closed, while online banking and ATMs will continue to provide financial services. Enjoy the festivities and have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

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