Wyre, Prominent Crypto Payments Firm, Announces Operational Closure

San Francisco-based company to focus on asset liquidation after deal collapse and market challenges

Jun 19, 2023 - 00:41
Jun 19, 2023 - 00:42
Wyre, Prominent Crypto Payments Firm, Announces Operational Closure
Wyre, Prominent Crypto Payments Firm, Announces Operational Closure

San Francisco, CA - Wyre, a renowned crypto payments firm headquartered in San Francisco, has made the difficult decision to wind down its operations, citing the protection of user and stakeholder interests as the primary reason. Founded in 2013, the company has urged its users to withdraw their assets from the platform by the deadline of July 14.

Wyre encountered significant setbacks when a proposed acquisition by U.S. tech company Bolt fell through in September 2022. This unexpected turn of events prompted Wyre to revise its withdrawal policy due to the increasingly challenging market conditions experienced earlier this year.

The recent announcement to cease operations comes after months of speculation regarding the future of the platform. Despite previously denying closure rumors and instead hinting at a scaling-back strategy, Wyre clarified that the decision was not driven by regulatory pressure. Instead, it attributed the closure to the tough market conditions and fierce competition from rival firms.

Wyre is now focused on efficiently liquidating assets on behalf of its investors. Parties interested in acquiring Wyre's assets have been advised to contact 88partners, a respected advisory firm, via email. Over the years, Wyre has successfully raised close to $30 million through nine funding rounds, solidifying its position within the crypto industry.

Addressing concerns from its user base, Wyre assured customers that a separate process will be established to facilitate the recovery of any remaining assets on the platform after the July 14 deadline. Detailed information and updates will be communicated through Wyre's official website and blog in the coming weeks, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the asset recovery procedure.

The closure of Wyre underscores the challenges faced by companies operating in the dynamic crypto landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, investors and industry observers will closely monitor the asset liquidation process and its potential implications for the broader crypto ecosystem.

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