2024 Bitcoin & Crypto Outlook: Trends to Watch in the Second Half

Key trends shaping Bitcoin and crypto markets in 2024. Learn what's ahead for prices, ETFs, and regulatory impacts.

Jul 6, 2024 - 11:01
Jul 6, 2024 - 11:02
2024 Bitcoin & Crypto Outlook: Trends to Watch in the Second Half
2024 Bitcoin & Crypto Outlook

As we move through 2024, significant trends are emerging in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Investors are eyeing the impact of ETFs, changes in regulations, and forecasts for cryptocurrency prices. These factors are shaping the market landscape and influencing investor decisions.

Insights into Bitcoin and Crypto Market Dynamics

  • Crypto enthusiasts are optimistic that bitcoin still has potential for growth, driven by demand for spot bitcoin ETFs and the ongoing effects of the halving.
  • Industry experts suggest that while a spot ether ETF will attract demand, it may not achieve the same success as bitcoin ETFs.
  • Regulatory clarity remains a significant challenge, with investors closely monitoring presidential candidates' statements and recent developments for insights.

Bitcoin's Journey in 2024

Bitcoin has seen a strong performance this year, rising over 30%, aided by the demand for ETFs holding the leading cryptocurrency. However, bitcoin prices have recently cooled off from their record highs earlier this year. On Friday, bitcoin dropped below $57,000, a sharp decline from its peak of over $73,000 in March. Looking ahead, bullish investors believe that continued demand for crypto-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could drive prices higher, but several other factors could impact the market.

Impact of Bitcoin and Ether ETFs

The introduction of spot bitcoin ETFs in January has significantly supported the cryptocurrency. According to Farside Investors, these new ETFs have seen net inflows exceeding $14.4 billion. Most of these investments come from self-directed investors, but there is potential for more demand as financial advisors become more comfortable recommending crypto products, which could further boost bitcoin prices.

James Seyffart, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, noted, "We also don't see many institutions like pensions or endowments involved with the ETFs yet. This indicates potential growth in demand."

The market also anticipates the launch of ETFs based on ether (ETH) this year, with the Securities and Exchange Commission expected to approve applications by the end of summer. This could increase demand for cryptocurrencies. Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan predicts inflows of $15 billion into ether ETFs within 18 months, while Seyffart expects them to capture 20% to 25% of what bitcoin funds attracted initially.

"We do not believe Ethereum ETFs will create as big of a splash as the bitcoin ETFs, which broke many records in terms of flows, assets, and trading volumes," Seyffart told Investopedia.

Growing demand for bitcoin and the new ETFs could lead to higher prices, especially as bitcoin’s supply approaches its cap of 21 million.

Factors to Watch in Crypto for 2024

Several key factors will influence the crypto market this year:

  • The Presidential Election: Donald Trump has shown more support for cryptocurrency than during his presidency. In contrast, President Joe Biden’s administration has favored stricter regulation. Some industry experts see a recent decision not to file charges related to Ethereum 2.0 as a sign of a changing outlook.

"I would put the odds of ‘clarity’ before the election at 0%, and I think if there is a legislative framework, it would come next year at the earliest," said Sarah Brennan, General Counsel at Delphi Ventures.

  • Bitcoin Halving Effects: Bitcoin halvings, which cut the amount of new bitcoin generated every 10 minutes in half, have historically boosted its price for periods ranging from 370 to 550 days, according to analytics firm CCData. The last halving occurred about six months ago, but differed from previous ones as bitcoin had already rallied significantly beforehand. Analysts at Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan believe much of the expected price increase was already factored in before the halving.

Despite recent volatility supporting this theory, bitcoin optimists see the downtrend as temporary.

"It’s normal for a price dip like this to happen after a halving—halvings are incredibly bullish, but bull markets don’t start until several months later, for fundamental reasons," said Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO of CustodiaBank, in a late June post on X.

As the second half of 2024 unfolds, these factors will play a crucial role in shaping the crypto market's trajectory.

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