Apple Supercharges Apple Pay: Banks Get New Tools for Installments and Rewards

Apple boosts bank involvement in Apple Pay with new features like installment payments and rewards integration, enhancing customer payment options.

Jun 15, 2024 - 10:30
Jun 15, 2024 - 10:31
Apple Supercharges Apple Pay: Banks Get New Tools for Installments and Rewards
Apple Supercharges Apple Pay: Banks Get New Tools for Installments and Rewards

Apple is revolutionizing the payment landscape with new Apple Pay features designed to enhance banking capabilities. The latest updates include options for "buy now, pay later" installment payments and the ability to use card rewards for purchases. These innovations, initially available with Citigroup, Synchrony Financial, and Fiserv-supported banks, aim to provide customers with more flexible payment options while helping banks stay competitive. Additionally, Apple Pay will now support payments via third-party browsers, further expanding its digital wallet’s reach and usability. This strategic move strengthens Apple's influence in the financial technology sector and offers significant benefits to both banks and consumers.

Apple Expands Payment Features with Banks

Apple has introduced new features to Apple Pay, strengthening its partnership with banks and making payments more convenient for users. Here’s a closer look at the latest updates:

Installment Payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay now allows banks to offer "buy now, pay later" installment payments. This means customers can choose to pay for their purchases in parts instead of all at once, making it easier to manage their finances. Initially, this feature will be available with Citigroup, Synchrony Financial, and banks using Fiserv’s services in the U.S. This is a significant move for banks, as it helps them compete with other lenders offering similar services. By integrating this option into Apple Pay, banks can provide a seamless experience for their customers, keeping them within their financial ecosystem.

Using Card Rewards for Purchases

Another new feature lets customers use their card rewards to pay for purchases. This adds more value to reward points and gives banks another way to attract transactions. Discover Financial Services, Synchrony, and banks using Fiserv will be the first to offer this option. For customers, this means they can maximize the benefits of their reward points, making everyday purchases more affordable. For banks, it’s an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering more flexible and valuable ways to use rewards. This feature also encourages more frequent use of bank cards, driving up transaction volumes.

Payments via Third-Party Browsers

Apple Pay will now work with third-party browsers using a scannable code. This allows customers to use their Apple Pay cards for web purchases, expanding the digital wallet's usability. Users can simply scan a code with their iPhone to make payments across various online platforms, making the checkout process quicker and more secure. This enhancement not only broadens the reach of Apple Pay but also helps banks by keeping their cards at the forefront of digital transactions. This integration can significantly boost the adoption rate of Apple Pay among users who frequently shop online.

Benefits for Banks

These updates help banks keep up with new payment methods and ensure their credit cards remain a popular choice for customers. Credit cards are essential for banks as they earn money from transaction fees and interest on balances. By partnering with Apple, banks can offer innovative payment solutions that appeal to tech-savvy consumers. This collaboration helps banks retain their competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market. Additionally, these features help banks maintain customer engagement by providing more convenient and versatile payment options, ultimately driving customer retention and satisfaction.

Costs and Influence

Using these features comes with a cost. U.S. banks will pay Apple 0.15% of each purchase made with a credit card through Apple Pay. Additionally, this deepens Apple's role in managing customer financial transactions. While the fee represents an additional expense for banks, the benefits of enhanced customer loyalty and increased transaction volumes may outweigh the costs. Moreover, Apple’s deeper involvement in the financial ecosystem gives it substantial influence over how customers manage and spend their money, positioning Apple as a major player in the fintech space.

Opportunities for Smaller Banks

Smaller banks, which often lack advanced technology, benefit from these new features as it levels the playing field with larger banks. This inclusion helps them stay competitive. By being part of Apple Pay, smaller banks can offer their customers the same advanced payment features as larger institutions, which can be a significant advantage in attracting and retaining customers. This technological parity allows smaller banks to compete more effectively in the digital age, helping them grow their customer base and enhance their market presence.

Future Options for Consumers

Consumers will have more payment choices. Apple will continue to offer its own Apple Pay Later installment plan. Additionally, U.S. users can apply for loans through Affirm, a "buy now, pay later" provider, when using Apple Pay. This variety of options empowers consumers to choose the payment method that best suits their financial needs and preferences. Whether they prefer to pay in installments, use reward points, or apply for a loan, Apple Pay provides a versatile platform that caters to diverse financial situations. This flexibility is likely to enhance user satisfaction and increase the adoption of Apple Pay as a preferred payment method.

With these updates, Apple continues to enhance the Apple Pay experience, offering more options and convenience to both banks and consumers. This ongoing innovation solidifies Apple’s position as a key player in the financial technology sector.

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