Auto Industry Update: UAW Negotiates Contracts with Major Car Makers

Stay informed on UAW's efforts to secure fair contracts with top automakers. Get the latest updates on negotiations in the car industry.

Oct 29, 2023 - 11:47
Oct 29, 2023 - 11:47
Auto Industry Update: UAW Negotiates Contracts with Major Car Makers
Auto Industry Update: UAW Negotiates Contracts with Major Car Makers

The leaders of car workers, called the United Auto Workers (UAW), are working hard with big car companies. They want to agree on important work deals.

The UAW boss, Shawn Fain, plans to meet with local union leaders from Ford this Sunday. They want to start the process to agree on a new work deal. But at another big car company, General Motors (GM), talks are not going very fast.

On Saturday, Fain told the workers at GM's factory in Tennessee to stop working for a while. He said the bosses at GM are not being fair and not agreeing on a good deal.

We don't know exactly why GM and the UAW are having trouble making a deal. Before, Ford and another company called Stellantis made good deals with the workers. This made the workers get more money - 25% more - and it let the car companies start making trucks again.

The UAW and GM are talking about things like how much money the workers will get when they stop working (pension), and if the companies can use temporary workers. GM was not happy that the workers stopped working in Tennessee.

UAW Strike

If the workers keep stopping work in Tennessee, it will be hard for GM to make many of their popular cars and trucks. It will also cost GM a lot of money - maybe more than $400 million every week!

Right now, GM is the only big car company in Detroit that does not have a deal with the workers. The other two, Stellantis and Ford, already agreed.

On Sunday, Fain will be very busy. He will meet with people from Ford and talk about the deal. Later, he will tell everyone about it in a video. People will vote if they like the deal or not.

Sometimes, the UAW leaders can't be sure if the workers will agree to the deals. Last month, workers at another company called Mack Truck said no to a deal that Fain wanted. In 2015, workers at Stellantis said no to a deal that their leaders liked.

Soon, the UAW will talk with people from Stellantis to start making a deal. This will happen on November 2.

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