Forex-Currency Markets Await US Data: Fed Policy Clues in Focus

Traders Await Clues from US Numbers on Future Fed Actions

Mar 14, 2024 - 03:24
Mar 14, 2024 - 03:24
Forex-Currency Markets Await US Data: Fed Policy Clues in Focus
Forex-Currency Markets Await US Data: Fed Policy Clues in Focus

Today, the currency market was calm as the US dollar held steady against other major currencies. Traders are eagerly awaiting new data from the United States to understand what the Federal Reserve might do next.

Earlier this week, the US released a report showing that prices for everyday items rose more than expected. This made some people worry that prices might stay high for a while. Now, investors are thinking twice about whether the Fed will cut interest rates in June, as many had thought before.

Even though some doubt has crept in, most traders still believe there's a good chance the Fed will reduce rates in June. But, compared to earlier this week, fewer people are sure about it. The likelihood of a rate cut in July is even higher, according to a tool that measures market expectations.

Next week, the Fed will have a meeting. While most experts think they won't change rates this time, they'll be watching closely for any hints about what might happen in the future.

One expert, Kyle Rodda from, said, "The data we're getting is causing small shifts in what people expect for interest rates. But overall, most investors still think the Fed will lower rates three times this year."

Rodda added, "If the Fed sounds more cautious next week, they might only cut rates twice, and the first cut might not happen until September. This would be good news for the US dollar."

Last week, the head of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, said they're getting close to being confident enough to start making changes.

Later today, we'll get more information about how the US economy is doing. We'll find out how much people spent at stores, how much companies are charging for goods, and how many people asked for help because they lost their jobs.

Before we got this new information, the dollar was slightly higher compared to other currencies. Against the Japanese yen, it went up a bit too. People are watching closely because soon, the Bank of Japan will decide what to do about interest rates.

According to sources, the Bank of Japan might stop charging negative interest rates next week if big companies agree to pay their workers more. We'll get some early clues about what companies are thinking tomorrow.

If the Bank of Japan decides to keep rates as they are, the Japanese yen might get stronger against the dollar again.

In Europe, the euro went down a little bit against the dollar. The British pound stayed about the same against the dollar after some good news about the UK economy.

In the world of digital money, bitcoin didn't change much today after hitting a new high yesterday. Another popular digital currency, ether, went down a bit.

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