HSBC Launches Digital Gold for Hong Kong Customers in Bold Move Towards Digital Assets!

HSBC pioneers digital gold offering as part of broader push towards digital assets

Mar 27, 2024 - 09:59
Mar 27, 2024 - 10:00
HSBC Launches Digital Gold for Hong Kong Customers in Bold Move Towards Digital Assets!
HSBC Launches Digital Gold for Hong Kong Customers in Bold Move Towards Digital Assets!

HSBC, one of the world's leading banks, has rolled out a groundbreaking initiative in Hong Kong. The bank has introduced a new digital product called the HSBC Gold Token, which allows retail customers to invest in gold digitally. This move comes as both HSBC and the Hong Kong government are making strides towards digitizing traditional assets.

Tokenised Gold Unveiled:

The HSBC Gold Token, debuting today on the bank's online banking and mobile app platforms, is a landmark offering. It marks the first time a bank has provided such a service directly to retail customers. Tokenised gold refers to the digital representation of physical gold ownership, stored securely on a blockchain.

Driving Factors:

The decision to launch the HSBC Gold Token stems from a growing demand for digital assets among customers. Maggie Ng, HSBC's General Manager and Head of Wealth and Personal Banking in Hong Kong, highlighted the bank's recognition of this trend. She emphasized that the familiarity of customers with gold investments made the introduction of tokenised gold a logical step.

Growing Market Potential:

The global market for tokenised assets, including gold, has been rapidly expanding. According to CoinGecko, a platform tracking the industry, the value of tokenised gold exceeded US$1 billion in 2023. With this in mind, HSBC sees the HSBC Gold Token as a strategic addition to its product lineup.

Regulatory Framework:

The launch of the HSBC Gold Token aligns with recent initiatives by the Hong Kong government and regulatory bodies. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has provided authorization for HSBC's digital assets platform, HSBC Orion. This move follows guidelines outlined by the SFC in November regarding the offering of tokenised products to the public.

Future Prospects:

HSBC's foray into digital assets extends beyond tokenised gold. The bank plans to introduce a series of retail products leveraging its HSBC Orion platform. Previous initiatives include the tokenisation of physical gold in London and the issuance of digital green bonds in Hong Kong.

Government Collaboration:

The Hong Kong government's involvement in the digital asset space is also noteworthy. The recent successful multicurrency digital bond offering, facilitated by HSBC Orion, underscores the government's commitment to embracing digital innovation in finance.


Bojan Obradović, Chief Digital Officer of HSBC Hong Kong, expressed optimism about the future of digital assets. He emphasized the potential of blockchain ledger technology to transform financial markets. Obradović highlighted HSBC's ongoing collaboration with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) on central bank digital currency initiatives and the exploration of tokenised deposits and stablecoins.


With the launch of the HSBC Gold Token and ongoing efforts to embrace digital assets, HSBC and the Hong Kong government are leading the way in driving financial innovation. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, these initiatives position Hong Kong as a potential global hub for digital finance.

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