Nokia and Dell Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Private 5G and Cloud Networks

Nokia and Dell Collaborate to Revolutionize Private 5G and Cloud Network Solutions for Businesses

Feb 15, 2024 - 07:54
Feb 15, 2024 - 07:55
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Nokia and Dell Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Private 5G and Cloud Networks
Nokia and Dell Form Strategic Partnership to Advance Private 5G and Cloud Networks

Nokia and Dell Technologies have unveiled a collaborative partnership aimed at facilitating the deployment of private 5G networks and the transition of networks to cloud-based platforms. The announcement was made through a joint statement issued by the two tech giants on Thursday.

Private 5G networks, which are typically owned, operated, or leased by individual organizations, stand to benefit significantly from this collaboration. As part of the partnership, Nokia AirFrame customers, who are focused on leveraging the telecom equipment manufacturer's cloud-centric data center solutions, will transition to Dell's specialized PowerEdge servers. These servers are specifically designed to cater to the modern workloads of telecom networks.

Furthermore, Nokia's Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is set to become the preferred private wireless platform for certain enterprise customers' requirements within Dell's ecosystem. This strategic integration will not only streamline operations but also boost efficiency and performance for businesses utilizing private 5G networks.

The collaboration goes beyond mere hardware integration. Nokia and Dell are committed to integrating NDAC with Dell's NativeEdge software platform, aiming to foster open network architectures and promote the adoption of private 5G use cases among enterprises. Open network architecture facilitates interoperability between different products and vendors, enabling seamless integration and compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Nishant Batra, Chief Strategy and Technology Officer at Nokia, emphasized the partnership's significance in meeting the evolving demands of customers amidst the rapidly changing landscape of telecommunications. He highlighted the importance of modernizing networks and transitioning them to cloud-based solutions to effectively address the increasing demands on infrastructure and services.

Additionally, the partnership will encompass joint research and development initiatives, including extensive platform and application testing at the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab. Through collaborative efforts and innovation-driven initiatives, Nokia and Dell aim to drive technological advancements and deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of the telecom industry and enterprise sector.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the journey towards advancing telecommunications infrastructure and accelerating the adoption of private 5G networks and cloud-based solutions in the digital era.

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