Stellantis Recalls Nearly 285,000 Vehicles for Faulty Side Airbags

Stellantis recalls Dodge and Chrysler sedans due to side airbag defects. Learn about the safety risk and replacement process. Stay informed.

Mar 22, 2024 - 08:58
Mar 22, 2024 - 08:59
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Stellantis Recalls Nearly 285,000 Vehicles for Faulty Side Airbags
Stellantis Recalls Nearly 285,000 Vehicles for Faulty Side Airbags

Stellantis, the automotive giant, has issued a recall for nearly 285,000 Dodge and Chrysler sedans. The reason behind this recall is a potential danger posed by the side airbags. These airbags have the risk of exploding with excessive force during a crash, which could lead to metal fragments being ejected towards the occupants.

The affected vehicles include Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s manufactured between the years 2018 and 2021. According to documents filed by Stellantis with U.S. safety regulators on Friday, a manufacturing defect may allow moisture to seep into the airbag inflators. This moisture can then cause corrosion and cracks in the inflators, increasing the risk of them exploding during a collision.

Despite the potential hazard, Stellantis has reported only seven warranty claims and customer assistance reports related to this issue. Fortunately, there have been no reports of injuries caused by these faulty airbags.

To address the problem, Stellantis plans to replace both side airbag modules in the affected vehicles. The recall process is set to commence on May 3, with owners of the affected vehicles being notified accordingly.

Stellantis estimates that approximately 1% of the inflators in the recalled vehicles are defective. These inflators are supplied by Joyson Safety Systems, which acquired the assets of the Japanese airbag maker Takata after its bankruptcy.

Takata gained notoriety for its use of ammonium nitrate as a propellant in airbag inflators, which could deteriorate over time and lead to catastrophic failures. These failures resulted in numerous fatalities and injuries worldwide, leading to one of the largest series of auto recalls in history.

However, it remains unclear whether Takata was involved in designing the recalled airbags for Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, or if the same propellant was used in these inflators. Stellantis has not provided clarification on this matter despite inquiries.

The recall serves as a reminder of the persistent safety risks associated with faulty airbag inflators. It underscores the importance of proactive measures by automakers to ensure the safety of consumers and prevent potential harm on the roads.

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