Top Tech News Recap: Google's Play Store Actions, Elon Musk's Lawsuit, and More

Tech Recap: Google's Play Store Policy Sparks Controversy, Elon Musk's Legal Battle with OpenAI, AI Bias Issues Addressed by Sundar Pichai, Adobe's Music GenAI, and Brave Browser's Privacy-Focused Innovation

Mar 3, 2024 - 09:11
Mar 3, 2024 - 09:12
Top Tech News Recap: Google's Play Store Actions, Elon Musk's Lawsuit, and More
Top Tech News Recap: Google's Play Store Actions, Elon Musk's Lawsuit, and More

The past week witnessed several notable events that captured attention worldwide. Here's a comprehensive recap of the significant developments, From Google's Play Store upheaval and Elon Musk's legal battle with OpenAI to Sundar Pichai's address of AI bias concerns, we explore the pivotal moments shaping the industry. Dive deep into Adobe's innovative Music GenAI and Brave Browser's privacy-focused chat assistant, Leo.

Google's Play Store Controversy:

Over the weekend, Google stirred controversy by removing multiple Indian mobile applications from its Play Store due to a disagreement over payment terms. Notable apps like and Naukri were affected by this action. Despite the swift reinstatement of these apps, they returned to the platform without the capability for in-app billing. This move sparked criticism from Indian corporate leaders, who voiced concerns about Google's billing policies and escalated the matter to the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

Elon Musk's Legal Battle with OpenAI:

Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk made headlines by initiating legal proceedings against OpenAI, the organization responsible for creating ChatGPT. Musk, who previously held a position on OpenAI's board, alleged that the company deviated from its original mission under the influence of Microsoft. He accused OpenAI of prioritizing profit over its initial objective of developing AI for public benefit.

OpenAI's Response to Musk's Allegations:

Responding to Musk's claims, Jason Kwon, Chief Strategy Officer at OpenAI, refuted the accusations and emphasized the organization's commitment to its founding principles of open-source AI. Kwon dismissed Musk's assertions and highlighted the billionaire's apparent regret at not maintaining an active role within the company.

Sundar Pichai Addresses AI Bias Concerns:

Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed concerns surrounding the company's AI chatbot, Gemini, acknowledging instances of bias in its responses. Pichai admitted that certain responses generated by Gemini failed to meet Google's standards and were deemed problematic. Earlier, Google had temporarily suspended Gemini's text-to-image generation feature following public backlash over its output.

Adobe's Music GenAI Control:

In a separate development, Adobe introduced Project Music GenAI Control, a groundbreaking generative AI-powered tool designed to simplify music creation and editing. This innovative offering enables users to manipulate various aspects of music composition, such as tempo and intensity, using straightforward text prompts, eliminating the need for specialized software.

Brave Browser Introduces Leo:

Brave Browser, known for its emphasis on user privacy, introduced Leo, an AI-powered chat assistant aimed at enhancing productivity on the Android platform. Leveraging Meta's Large Language Model (LLM) technology, Leo offers users a suite of tools for seamless web interaction, all while ensuring data privacy by eschewing reliance on third-party AI services.

These recent developments underscore the ongoing discourse surrounding AI ethics, app store policies, and the pursuit of innovation in the digital landscape. Stay tuned for further updates as the tech narrative evolves.

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