United States Imposes Sanctions on Chinese and Mexican Companies Linked to Counterfeit Pill-Making Equipment

Learn about US sanctions on Chinese and Mexican firms involved in counterfeit pill production. Explore the impact on the opioid epidemic and global efforts to combat illegal fentanyl.

May 31, 2023 - 09:50
May 31, 2023 - 09:50
United States Imposes Sanctions on Chinese and Mexican Companies Linked to Counterfeit Pill-Making Equipment
US sanctions on Chinese and Mexican firms involved in counterfeit pill production | Image Source: Reuters

In a move to combat the ruinous opioid epidemic fueled by illegal fentanyl, the United States has assessed warrants on several Chinese and Mexican companies indicted of shipping or dealing outfit used in the product of fake capsules. The US Treasury Department issued a statement revealing that seven Chinese realities, six Chinese individualities, one Mexican reality, and three Mexican individualities are among the targets of these warrants.

The sanctioned companies and individualities are believed to be directly or laterally involved in the trade of lozenge press machines and other outfit used to etch fake trade markings on lawless capsules, frequently containing fentanyl. These dangerous fake capsules are constantly fated for the US request, contributing to the intimidating number of opioid-affiliated deaths.

Brian Nelson, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, emphasized that these warrants are part of a comprehensive trouble to disrupt the entire force chain responsible for the swell in fentanyl- related deaths across the country. Nelson described fake fentanyl- laced capsules as a major cause of losses, ruinous innumerous American families each time. The Treasury Department aims to use all available authorities to combat the enablers of lawless medicine product and fight the trouble posed by these medicines.

means belonging to the sanctioned realities will be blocked, and any deals involving them must be reported to the Office of Foreign means Control. As a result of the warrants, American citizens are generally banned from engaging in any business dealings with the targeted companies and individualities.

Among the Chinese companies singled out for warrants is Youli Technology Development, a supplier of lozenge press ministry. The Treasury Department revealed that this company had packed lozenge press machines to individualities involved in the product of fake capsules within the United States. also, Yason General Machinery, another Chinese company, was indicted of uniting with a Mexican supplier and contact who had preliminarily handed lozenge- making outfit to an individual linked to the notorious Sinaloa Cartel. This individual abused the ministry to produce high- capacity product installations in Mexico, enabling the mass product of millions of capsules invested with fentanyl on a daily base, generally appertained to as superlabs.

Mexpacking results, a Mexican establishment, was also subordinated to warrants for its involvement in easing lawless conditioning related to lozenge product.

Responding to the US action, the Chinese Embassy in the United States issued a statement condemning the move and placing blame on the US itself for its medicine problems. The delegacy expressed enterprises that the warrants assessed on Chinese companies and citizens could stymie China- US cooperation in combating medicine trafficking.

The intimidating rise in fentanyl- related deaths in the United States is a growing concern. According to a recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 70,000 people in the country failed of medicine overdoses involving fentanyl in 2021, marking afour-fold increase over the once five times.

Last month, the Biden administration blazoned a series of significant measures aimed at targeting those involved in the lawless affluence of fentanyl into the United States from Mexico, as well as cracking down on the force of precursor chemicals forming from China. These conduct reflect the administration's commitment to addressing the grave issue of illegal fentanyl product and distribution.

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