Warren Buffett Remains Confident Despite Fitch's Credit Downgrade

Why Warren Buffett remains unfazed by Fitch's historic US credit downgrade from AAA to AA+. Read his exclusive CNBC interview and learn why he believes the impact on the economy and US Treasuries is minimal.

Aug 3, 2023 - 11:22
Aug 3, 2023 - 11:23
Warren Buffett Remains Confident Despite Fitch's Credit Downgrade
Warren Buffett Remains Confident Despite Fitch's Credit Downgrade

Fitch Ratings recently downgraded the United States' credit from AAA to AA+. However, this historic downgrade appears to be of little concern to renowned investor Warren Buffett, who has confidently shrugged off its potential ramifications. The "Oracle of Omaha," as he is famously known, expressed his unwavering faith in the US economy and its resilience during an exclusive interview with CNBC.

Buffett's investment conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, revealed that it purchased a substantial $10 billion worth of US Treasuries on Monday, adding to a similar investment made exactly one week before. The move showcases Buffett's steadfast belief in the US economy, even in the face of the credit rating downgrade.

When questioned about the impact of Fitch's decision, Buffett calmly stated, "There are certain things people shouldn't worry about, and this is one of them." The billionaire investor emphasized that this downgrade is not something that should deter investors or shake their confidence in the US government's ability to manage its debt responsibly.

Buffett's confidence in US Treasuries, regarded as one of the safest assets globally, remains unshaken. These securities are backed by the US government, an entity that has never defaulted on its debt or missed a payment in its history. Furthermore, they are denominated in the US dollar, the world's reserve currency, renowned for its exceptional liquidity, vast market size, and high credit rating.

Like other industry experts on Wall Street, Warren Buffett believes that the downgrade will not have a lasting negative impact on the US economy or the government's borrowing capacity. He remains optimistic about the safety and security of US Treasuries, considering them a reliable investment option.

Despite Fitch's decision, it is noteworthy that other major credit rating agencies, such as Moody's and S&P, have refrained from downgrading the United States' credit. Moody's, in particular, has upheld its top rating for US credit, and S&P continues to maintain its AA+ rating on the nation since its downgrade in 2011.

As the financial world closely monitors the implications of this historic credit downgrade, Warren Buffett's steadfast confidence serves as a reassuring signal to investors and markets alike. His unwavering belief in the strength of the US economy and his continued investments in US Treasuries stand as a testament to his sage wisdom in navigating unpredictable financial landscapes.

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