Zerodha CEO's Father-in-Law Sets Example for Balancing Success and Simplicity in Life

Zerodha's Chief, Nithin Kamath, Shares Valuable Life Lessons and Heartwarming pictures with his Father-in-Law, the Owner of a Local Grocery Store.

May 9, 2023 - 05:22
May 9, 2023 - 05:25
Zerodha CEO's Father-in-Law Sets Example for Balancing Success and Simplicity in Life
Zerodha CEO's Father-in-Law Grocery Shop | Image Source: Nithin Kamath Linkedin

Nithin Kamath, the co-founder and CEO of Zerodha, recently shared a touching story about his father-in-law on his LinkedIn account. According to Kamath, his father-in-law Shivaji Patil is a retired Army officer who lost his fingers during the Kargil War. Despite this setback, Patil persevered and opened a small grocery shop in Belgaum, Karnataka. Kamath shared a heartwarming photo of himself with Patil, praising him as an inspiring example of resilience and determination. This powerful story serves as a reminder of the importance of hard work and perseverance, even in the face of adversity.

In his post, Kamath stated that true freedom can be attained by finding contentment within oneself, and Patil is a perfect example of embodying this quality.

Kamath shared details about Patil's daily routine and work ethic. Despite being 70 years old, Patil rides his old scooter to the local market to buy groceries for his store. Kamath mentioned that Patil's only help is his mother-in-law who assists him in running the shop and managing the house. Kamath also spoke about Patil's dedication to work, even after achieving immense success with Zerodha.

During a conversation with Patil about the profit margins at his shop, he revealed that he gets a 25% margin on chikkis, which he sells for ₹250 each after purchasing them for ₹200. Kamath praised Patil for never complaining, not even after losing his fingers in the Kargil War.

In his post, Kamath concluded that leading a good life is about being active both mentally and physically. He emphasized that true satisfaction cannot be bought with money, and Patil is an ideal example of this philosophy. Kamath shared that he has been passionate about learning how to increase healthspan and live a good life until the end, and he believes that being content and active is the key.

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