General Motors Delays Tesla-Compatible Charge Ports for Chevy Silverado EV Trucks

General Motors delays Tesla-compatible charge ports for Chevy Silverado EV trucks until 2025, impacting charging infrastructure and pricing. Learn more.

Jun 26, 2023 - 09:34
Jun 26, 2023 - 09:35
General Motors Delays Tesla-Compatible Charge Ports for Chevy Silverado EV Trucks
General Motors Delays Tesla-Compatible Charge Ports for Chevy Silverado EV Trucks

General Motors (GM) has announced that it will not incorporate Tesla-compatible charging ports into its new Chevrolet Silverado EV pickups until the model year 2025. In addition, GM has canceled plans to offer a base version of the Silverado EV with a price tag of $39,000, as confirmed by Amy Masica, the director of Chevrolet truck marketing. These developments were disclosed during a media briefing by GM, which is actively adopting Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) as the prevailing EV charging norm in the region.

Compatibility Challenges with Tesla's Supercharger Network: Despite GM's adoption of the NACS, their latest battery-powered pickups do not yet provide full compatibility with Tesla's Supercharger network. This limitation means that owners of GM's 2024 Silverado EV Work Trucks, which are currently being produced at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, will have to wait until early 2024 to acquire charging adaptors specifically designed for these electric pickups.

Pricing and Availability: GM's initial Silverado EV Work Truck model, priced at $77,905 (excluding shipping charges), will commence deliveries to fleet customers in the coming weeks. Later this year, a more affordable variant, starting at $72,905, will be introduced. Retail customers will also have the option to purchase a well-equipped Silverado EV RST model, priced around $105,000, during the same timeframe. Additionally, GM plans to launch a less expensive Trail Boss edition in the following year, coinciding with the release of the 2025 Silverado EVs.

Changing Landscape and Charging Infrastructure: GM acknowledges that the conditions in the nascent electric pickup sector have evolved, prompting a reconsideration of pricing strategies. However, specific pricing details for future Silverado EV variants have not been disclosed by Masica. In terms of charging infrastructure, GM intends to replace the current CCS charging port in its electric vehicles with the Tesla-compatible NACS outlet. This transition means that early models of the Silverado EV, along with other GM electric vehicles, may require a different adapter to utilize the existing CCS chargers provided by GM's charging partners across the country.

Collaboration with Tesla and Charging Network Expansion: GM Energy executive Derek Sequeira confirmed that GM will only have charging adaptors available for its electric pickups in early 2024. Looking ahead, GM envisions a future where its vehicles will be equipped with NACS charging ports, allowing for the installation of Tesla-compatible NACS chargers at its dealerships. Sequeira also mentioned that these new GM chargers are likely to carry the Ultium Charge 360 brand. At an investor conference in June, GM Chief Financial Officer Paul Jacobson expressed the automaker's interest in partnering with Tesla to develop additional locations for EV chargers.

Conclusion: General Motors faces a delay in offering Tesla-compatible charging ports for its Chevy Silverado EV trucks until 2025, with the initial models hitting the market in the coming weeks. As GM adapts to the changing landscape of electric pickups, it aims to enhance charging infrastructure and explore partnerships with Tesla to expand the availability of EV chargers. These developments highlight the evolving nature of the electric vehicle market and the importance of a robust charging network to drive widespread EV adoption.

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