Guest's Creative Revenge After Hotel Refuses Refund Due to ID Dispute

A traveler finds creative retaliation after hotel denies refund over identification issues, sparking police intervention.

Jul 30, 2023 - 00:41
Jul 30, 2023 - 00:43
Guest's Creative Revenge After Hotel Refuses Refund Due to ID Dispute
Guest's Creative Revenge After Hotel Refuses Refund Due to ID Dispute

A traveler from Montana, USA, took matters into his own hands when a hotel refused to refund his pre-paid stay. The dispute arose during check-in when the man encountered issues with his identification documents.

According to reports from View From The Wing, the guest had recently renewed his driving license, leaving him with only a temporary paper version while awaiting the arrival of the new one. Additionally, he had also renewed his passport, leading to a temporary gap in his identification documentation.

Despite possessing multiple forms of identification, including the temporary driving license, expired driving license, expired passport, and a credit card in his name, the hotel denied him access to his pre-booked room and declined a refund.

Undeterred, the disgruntled traveler quickly secured alternative accommodation but was determined to make his displeasure known. Armed with a large poster board and a Sharpie Marker, he took to the streets, posing a bold question about the hotel's potential bedbug infestation.

The man positioned himself near the hotel, which was situated beside a busy six-lane road, and displayed the sign to passing motorists. To his surprise, within seconds, curious onlookers began to slow down, honk, and inquire about the poster's message.

View From The Wing reported that only 15 minutes had passed when a woman, referred to as "no refund lady," emerged from the hotel and engaged in a conversation with the protester. Shortly thereafter, three police cars arrived at the scene. Despite the police intervention, the man persisted with his peaceful protest.

As the hour passed, the officers eventually left, but the determined guest continued to maintain his position outside the hotel. To his satisfaction, an officer later returned with a partial refund, effectively reimbursing his (almost) entire stay.

While the man's protest led to partial restitution, this incident underscores how some guests resort to unconventional measures to express their grievances when faced with refund denials and unresolved disputes.

This event serves as a reminder to the hospitality industry that customer satisfaction remains paramount, and finding amicable resolutions to disputes is crucial in maintaining a positive reputation. As travelers become increasingly assertive, hotels may need to reevaluate their policies and procedures to ensure guest satisfaction and address potential conflicts effectively.

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