H&M Plans Increased Discounts to Revitalize Sales Amidst Market Competition

Swedish retailer aims to attract more customers by enhancing discount offers and product appeal

Jun 27, 2024 - 09:30
Jun 27, 2024 - 09:31
H&M Plans Increased Discounts to Revitalize Sales Amidst Market Competition
H&M Plans Increased Discounts to Revitalize Sales Amidst Market Competition

H&M, a global fashion retailer known for its trendy yet affordable clothing, is intensifying its efforts to regain market momentum against competitors like Zara and Shein. The company's strategy, which prioritized profitability over sales volume in recent times, is now shifting gears to focus on boosting sales growth.

Chief Executive Daniel Erver acknowledged the challenges posed by external factors such as rising material costs and currency fluctuations, which are making it harder to achieve their targeted 10% operating margin this year. He stressed the critical need for sales to pick up in the upcoming quarters to maintain financial goals.

In response to these challenges, H&M plans to increase its discounting strategy in the second half of the year. This move aims to attract more shoppers by offering competitive prices on a wider range of products, including summer dresses starting at $9.99 and jeans from $19.99. Erver emphasized that while discounts play a key role, the company is also focused on launching exciting new collections and organizing engaging events to draw customers back into stores and online platforms.

Moreover, H&M's commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing remains a cornerstone of its business strategy. The retailer continues to expand its efforts in producing more eco-friendly clothing and reducing its environmental footprint, aligning with growing consumer preferences for sustainable fashion choices.

As H&M navigates through competitive pressures and economic challenges, its proactive approach to adapting to market dynamics reflects its commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the global fashion industry while ensuring customer satisfaction and operational resilience.

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