Indian Man Tricks American in Fake Amazon Scam, Steals $930,000 in Cryptocurrency

A man in India pretended to be from Amazon and swindled a US resident out of $930,000 in cryptocurrency. Learn how the scam unfolded.

Oct 21, 2023 - 11:18
Oct 21, 2023 - 11:19
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Indian Man Tricks American in Fake Amazon Scam, Steals $930,000 in Cryptocurrency
Indian Man Tricks American in Fake Amazon Scam, Steals $930,000 in Cryptocurrency

An Indian man named Ramavat Shaishav is accused of tricking a person from the United States and taking their digital money, also known as cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is worth more than 7.7 crore rupees or around 930,000 dollars.

Shaishav, who lives in Ahmedabad, pretended to be someone from Amazon's fraud department named "James Carlson". He contacted the US citizen through email and told them a lie. He said that the person's Amazon account was in danger and they needed to move their cryptocurrency to a safe place.

Believing this lie, the US citizen sent 28 Bitcoins, 55 Ethereum, 25,572 Ripple, and 77 USDT to Shaishav's e-wallet. Unfortunately, the money disappeared, and the victim couldn't find it.

Because of this, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) got involved. They found out who Shaishav was by looking at his computer's address on the internet. They went to his house and took away the cryptocurrency, which is valued at over 930,000 dollars.

The CBI says that Shaishav also convinced the victim to take out cash from their bank and turn it into Bitcoin using a special machine. To make it look real, he even gave a code that he said was approved by the US Treasury.

Shaishav also sent a fake letter, claiming it was from a big organization in the US, to gain the person's trust.

The CBI spokesperson explained, "The victim took out 130,000 dollars from their bank between August 30, 2022, and September 9, 2022. They then put this money into the Bitcoin address given by the accused." Sadly, this money was taken by Shaishav.

During their investigation, the CBI found even more cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and USDT, worth nearly 939,000 dollars from Shaishav's computer and other devices.

The CBI also found out that Shaishav had help from two other people in Ahmedabad. They checked their places and took phones, computers, and other things that had proof of the crime.

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