Live: Share Market movement flat, Nifty crosses 17650, focus on HCL Tech and Tata Motors

Stay updated with the latest Share Market movement, as Nifty crosses 17650 with a flat trend. Keep an eye on HCL Tech and Tata Motors as they take the spotlight. Follow live updates and analysis to make informed investment decisions

Apr 20, 2023 - 02:52
Apr 20, 2023 - 04:36
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Live: Share Market movement flat, Nifty crosses 17650, focus on HCL Tech and Tata Motors
Share Market Live Updates

Share Market Live Updates: Indian Share Market Trading Flat on Weak Global Cues; Nifty Above 17650. US markets closed down on Friday. Today the beginning of Asian markets is also loose. the possibility that interest rates will increase in America has once again started gaining momentum.

Key Moments

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  • Nifty is trading above 17650
  • Market opened flat amid weak global cues

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:23 AM
    Break on crude oil boiling

    Despite the huge fall in the weekly crude reserves, the crude could not recover. The rise in the dollar index has put a brake on the rise of oil. Crude Brent fell below $83 due to the fear of falling demand. Whereas WTI crude has slipped below $80.

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:30 AM
    Range traded in the US market

    Mixed action was seen in a limited range in the US market. The Dow Jones was seen trading in a range of 150 points and finally fell 80 points to close at 33,897 with a slight recovery. Nasdaq closed flat after improving about 100 points from lower levels. The S&P500 also traded flat.

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:36 AM
    Mixed signals from Asian markets

    The opening of Asian markets is mixed. SGX Nifty is swinging around 17700 with a slight gain. Nikkei is trading with a slight gain. Shanghai has fallen by a quarter percent. There is a decline of about quarter percent in Cospi.

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:38 AM
    Today's Results

    • HCL Technologies 
    • ICICI Prudential Life 
    • Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy 
    • Cyient 
    • Oriental Hotels

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:42 AM
    Keep an eye on these news

    Tata Motors: 

    Tata Motors' luxury automotive subsidiary Jaguar Land Rover said in a statement that it will invest 15 billion pounds (Rs 1.53 lakh crore) over the next five years for an electric-first future. 

    Ultratech Cement: 

    Company sets up 2.2 million tonnes per annum brownfield expansion at its grinding unit at Patliputra, Bihar, taking the unit's total capacity to 4.7 million tonnes per annum 

    Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation: 

    The company will sell 3,957 acres of plantation land and properties comprising all three tea estates in Tanzania for $1.2 million (Rs 9.86 crore).

    Equitas Small Finance Bank: 

    The bank has obtained an AD-I license with the approval of the Reserve Bank to act as an Authorized Dealer for Foreign Exchange. 


    Subsidiary company HDFC Capital Advisors will acquire additional 1.8% to 2.4% stake in Loyly IT-Solutions at Rs 89.81 per compulsorily convertible preferential shares, taking its total shareholding from 9% to 9.6%. 

    Bank of Maharashtra: 

    The bank's board will consider raising Rs 7,500 crore on April 24. The proposed methods of raising money include follow-on public offer, rights issue, qualified institutional placement, preferential issue or any other mode or combination thereof, or issue of Basel III compliant or similar securities. 08:43 AM

  • 20 Apr 2023 03:43 AM
    Bitcoin Movement

    Bitcoin down 1.09% to $28,929.82

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