Oracle's Earnings Shake Wall Street: What Investors Need to Know

Why Oracle's Recent Numbers Have Wall Street Watching

Sep 12, 2023 - 11:08
Sep 12, 2023 - 11:08
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Oracle's Earnings Shake Wall Street: What Investors Need to Know
Oracle's Earnings Shake Wall Street: What Investors Need to Know

Oracle, a big name in cloud services, surprised everyone with lower earnings this quarter. This news is causing a lot of talk in the tech world. We'll break down what happened and what it might mean for your investments.

Oracle's Earnings: The Surprising News

Oracle, known for its cloud services, saw a big drop in how much money it made this quarter. This made a lot of people in the tech industry sit up and take notice.

What Really Happened to Oracle's Profits?

Oracle's stock price fell by a whopping 11.5%, hitting its lowest point in a month. This happened after Oracle said it would make less money this quarter than people expected, and they also didn't make as much as they thought they would in the first part of the year.

Why This Matters for Your Money

Now, everyone is waiting to see what happens with inflation. That's when the prices of things go up. We're getting new numbers on Wednesday and Thursday, and they'll help us understand what the government might do about interest rates.

Why People Are Talking About Inflation and Money

People are worried because prices for things like oil have been going up a lot lately. This could make it harder for the government to decide what to do with interest rates, which can affect how much money we all have.

What the Experts Say

Thomas Hayes, who knows a lot about money at Great Hill Capital LLC, said, "People are a little bit worried about energy prices picking up pretty aggressively in recent weeks and that creates some concerns as we look forward to November." He thinks the numbers we get about inflation will be super important for what happens in the stock market.

What the Numbers Tell Us

Experts who watch the stock market think there's a 91% chance that interest rates will stay the same in September, and a 53% chance they'll stay the same in November. This means most people think the government will be really careful about making changes.

What Other Banks Are Doing

We're also keeping an eye on what banks in Europe are doing. They've been raising interest rates a lot, but this time, they'll probably keep them where they are.

Energy Companies Are Doing Well

Companies that work with energy had a good day. Their stocks went up by 1.7%. This is because the price of oil is expected to go up.

Big Tech Companies Had a Mixed Day

Some really big tech companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, saw their stocks go down a bit. This is because investors are thinking about new products and also because of what's happening with China.

How the Major Stock Market Indices Did

The big numbers that show how the stock market is doing went down a little bit. The Dow Jones went down by 44.48 points, or 0.13%. The S&P 500 went down by 6.78 points, or 0.15%. The Nasdaq, which is where a lot of tech companies are, went down by 18.30 points, or 0.13%.

Big Paper Companies Are Joining Forces

Two big paper companies, WestRock and Smurfit Kappa, are going to work together. This will make them the biggest paper and packaging company in the world, worth almost $20 billion.

Good News for Paramount Global

Paramount Global, a big entertainment company, got good news. It looks like they've worked out a deal with the people they owe money to, which is making investors happy.

More Companies Went Up Than Down

Slightly more companies did well on the stock market today than didn't. On the NYSE, there were 1.16 companies going up for every 1 going down. On the Nasdaq, there were 1.09 going up for every 1 going down.

Some Records Were Set

A few companies hit their highest stock prices in a year, but some hit their lowest.

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