Stock Market Analyst Warns of Potential Correction Amid Broadening Rally: Expert Insights

Stock market analyst warns of potential correction as optimism grows. Amid broadening rally, Gareth Soloway expresses concerns over market vulnerability. Read more.

Jul 23, 2023 - 11:49
Jul 23, 2023 - 11:49
Stock Market Analyst Warns of Potential Correction Amid Broadening Rally: Expert Insights
Stock Market Analyst Warns of Potential Correction Amid Broadening Rally: Expert Insights

In a time of a broadening stock market rally and growing optimism for a soft economic landing, concerns are being raised about the potential for a market correction. Gareth Soloway, the Chief Market Strategist at, has expressed skepticism regarding the current state of the market, suggesting that the recent rally may be driven more by mega-cap stocks' surges rather than a genuine economic expansion.

As Wall Street rejoices over the Nasdaq's best first-half performance in forty years, with a 34% year-to-date increase, and the S&P 500's 18% surge, Soloway takes a more cautious approach. Despite the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching a 52-week high, Soloway emphasizes that the broadening out is not necessarily indicative of a healthier economy.

Soloway points out that if we exclude seven dominant stocks in the S&P 500, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, the index's growth would be only about 4%. He attributes the recent broadening to investors chasing stocks that have yet to surge like the mega-cap names, hoping for them to catch up.

While market bulls draw hope from sectors like the Dow Transports, which they see as a sign of economic health, Soloway remains skeptical. He highlights disappointing factory orders, weak industrial production, slower-than-expected retail sales, and stricter lending standards from banks as indicators of a weaker economic environment.

"It's this dream that everything is going to work out - I just don't see it happening," Soloway warned.

In his analysis, Soloway suggests that the markets are overbought and due for a correction. While he anticipates a possible 10% pullback for the Nasdaq and a 5-6% correction for the S&P 500, he acknowledges that these declines aren't severe given the year's remarkable run. However, should a full-blown recession occur, the situation could worsen considerably.

Soloway's contrarian view is in contrast to the increasingly bullish outlook from other analysts. Wall Street strategists have been revising up their year-end targets for the S&P 500, anticipating a soft landing despite the Federal Reserve's aggressive rate hikes. Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner, for instance, reiterated her call for a soft landing, supported by positive data trends.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has recently reduced its forecast for the odds of a recession in the next year from 25% to 20%.

As the debate on the future direction of the market continues, investors must weigh the differing perspectives and closely monitor economic indicators for potential signs of market instability.

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