US House Republicans Plan to Prevent Government Shutdown Amid Moody's Warning

House Republicans aim to prevent a government shutdown in response to Moody's concerns. Insights on spending, bipartisan challenges, and looming deadlines.

Nov 11, 2023 - 08:31
Nov 11, 2023 - 08:31
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US House Republicans Plan to Prevent Government Shutdown Amid Moody's Warning
US House Republicans Plan to Prevent Government Shutdown Amid Moody's Warning

House Republicans are getting ready to announce a plan this Saturday to stop the government from shutting down. This is happening because Moody's, a big company that rates how good the US is with money, said some not-so-good things and made the situation worse.

Moody's is like a judge for how well a country is doing with its money. They used to think the US was doing okay, but now they're a bit worried. This change happened six months after Congress almost let the country not pay its bills, and we're running out of money again in just a week if Congress doesn't do something.

The new leader of the House Republicans, Mike Johnson, and his team have been talking about what to do. They need to figure out how much money to give to different things while they work on a bigger plan for the year.

Moody's is worried because the people in Congress can't agree on how to handle money, and that's not good. They say if this keeps happening, it's going to be tough for the government to make a plan to fix things.

Some Republicans want to cut spending a lot because we ended last year with a lot of debt, mostly because of spending a ton during the COVID pandemic. One Republican, Andy Harris, said on social media that Moody's is worried because the government is spending too much and has too many debts.

The White House, where the President works, is blaming the Republicans for this problem. They say it's because Republicans are being too extreme and not working well together. A spokesperson for the White House, Karine Jean-Pierre, said that Moody's decision is because of how Republicans are behaving.

There's a deadline coming up on Friday. If the House and the Senate, which is led by Democrats, don't agree on how to spend money, then a lot of government things will have to stop. This would be the fourth time in the last ten years, and it's not good.

House Republicans want to vote on a plan next Tuesday that will give some money to different things and keep the government going until mid-January. Some Republicans want a simple plan with no extra things added, while others want a plan with cuts in spending and other things they like.

The person in charge, Mike Johnson, has a tough job. He needs to find a plan that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on, and he has to do it quickly. The last person who had his job got kicked out because he tried to work with both parties, and some Republicans didn't like that. It's a tricky situation.

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