Hollywood Labor Dispute: Drew Barrymore's Show Returns Amid Controversy

Despite picketers, Drew Barrymore resumes "The Drew Barrymore Show" as daytime TV becomes the latest battleground in the Hollywood labor strike

Sep 16, 2023 - 12:59
Sep 16, 2023 - 13:00
Hollywood Labor Dispute: Drew Barrymore's Show Returns Amid Controversy
Hollywood Labor Dispute: Drew Barrymore's Show Returns Amid Controversy

Drew Barrymore, known for her bubbly personality, is bringing back "The Drew Barrymore Show" despite picketers outside her studio. The TV industry is in the middle of a big argument about who gets what.

Barrymore, whose family has a long history in acting, is making new episodes of her talk show even though some people are upset about it. Michael H. LeRoy, a professor who knows a lot about jobs and arguing, says, "It's not surprising that there are defectors." That means some people are choosing to work even though there's a fight going on.

"The Drew Barrymore Show" is going on without its usual writers. Other daytime shows like "The View," "Tamron Hall," and "Live With Kelly and Ryan" are also making new episodes. This is because talk shows have a different set of rules than other kinds of shows.

As long as the hosts and guests don't talk about work covered by certain contracts, they're allowed to keep working. This is because talk shows have a different agreement than other shows. This special agreement covers talk shows, reality TV, sports, morning news, soap operas, and game shows.

Barrymore wants people to know that she's not trying to hurt anyone by going back to work. She said, "It's not who I am." But not everyone agrees with her decision. Some people on social media think she should have stayed away until the argument was over.

There's a big fight going on in Hollywood between people who make TV shows and movies and people who act in them. The people who make the shows and movies want to change some of the rules, and the actors don't agree. This has led to picket lines and arguments.

When TV hosts like Barrymore go back to work, they might have to walk past people who are upset about it. Zayd Ayers Dohrn, who knows a lot about writing and works at a university, says it's strange that they would do this.

Even though Barrymore is making her show again, some people are still not happy. Alyssa Milano, a famous actor and friend of Barrymore, thinks it wasn't the right choice. She says, "I'm not sure that this was the right move for the strike."

Barrymore had said before that she wouldn't work during the strike, but now she's changed her mind. This has made some people confused.

LeRoy, the professor, thinks this might hurt Barrymore in the long run. He says, "No members of the Writers Guild will ever work with that show again."

In the end, Barrymore and other hosts will have to decide if it's worth it to keep working during the argument. They might make some people upset, but they might also help the people who work on their shows.

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