iPhone's Call-Ending Button Gets a New Spot: Know What's Changing in iOS 17

Explore the iOS 17 update's innovative shift of the end-call button on iPhones, enhancing user interaction and adaptability. Learn more.

Aug 9, 2023 - 13:08
Aug 9, 2023 - 13:15
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iPhone's Call-Ending Button Gets a New Spot: Know What's Changing in iOS 17
iPhone's Call-Ending Button Gets a New Spot: Know What's Changing in iOS 17 ?

Apple is all set to relocate the iconic end-call button in its much-anticipated iOS 17 update. This design shift, aimed at enhancing usability, presents an interesting challenge to users' muscle memory, requiring a period of adaptation.

At present, the "End" button occupies a distinct central position at the lower part of the iPhone screen, segregated from other call-related features. However, the imminent iOS 17 release slated for this fall will see the familiar red icon move to the right of the interface. This alteration will be accompanied by a corresponding downward shift of several other call-related functionalities.

The curtain was lifted on this forthcoming transformation through Apple's iOS 17 preview guide, unveiled in June. Yet, this move has garnered renewed attention as tech enthusiasts and early adopters explore the beta versions of the impending software upgrade. Visuals sourced from these iOS 17 beta editions, disseminated across numerous news platforms this week, stand as a visual testament to this subtle yet potentially impactful change.

ios 17 update, Image Credit: Apple Preview Screenshot

(iOS 17 Preview, Image Credit: Apple)

Beyond the relocation of the end button, iOS 17 brings a slew of additional changes to the arrangement of various call functionalities, aligning with conventions established by past iOS iterations. A notable shift includes the swapping of positions between the "Mute" and "Speaker" buttons, mirroring the interchange of the "FaceTime" and "Keyboard" options. Furthermore, it appears that the feature enabling contact searches has been seamlessly merged with the add call option.

The online community has swiftly reacted to these alterations, with users voicing concerns about potential disruptions in muscle memory. Many anticipate a period of adjustment before they can seamlessly navigate the new interface.

The extent of these call-function modifications, as they stand before the official release of iOS 17, remains shrouded in uncertainty. Acknowledging these changes, the Associated Press has reached out to Apple for insights into the reasoning behind these design shifts.

Apple emphasizes, on its official website, the significance of its beta program, offering select users the exclusive chance to test-run software prior to its widespread availability. This proactive user engagement approach enables Apple to effectively identify and resolve issues while enhancing software performance before its commercial launch.

Looking beyond the potential relocation of call icons, iOS 17 is poised to usher in a wave of innovative features aimed at elevating the Apple user experience. These encompass refined autocorrect capabilities, the introduction of an innovative journaling app, and the integration of live voicemail transcription, empowering users to engage with calls even during the message recording process. As the countdown continues to the official unveiling of iOS 17, the tech community and iPhone users eagerly await the transformative journey that lies ahead.

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