Must Read News: President Biden's Executive Order Strengthens AI Safety and Regulation

President Biden's Executive Order enhances AI safety, protecting users, workers, and minority groups. Learn about key initiatives and their impact.

Oct 30, 2023 - 08:35
Oct 30, 2023 - 08:36
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Must Read News: President Biden's Executive Order Strengthens AI Safety and Regulation
President Biden's Executive Order Strengthens AI Safety and Regulation

President Joe Biden has signed an Executive Order aimed at enhancing safety and protecting users, workers, and minority groups from potential risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI). This step reflects the government's commitment to establish vital parameters around AI technology, especially in light of its rapid advancement and growing popularity within an environment characterized by limited regulation.

Major tech players including OpenAI, Alphabet, and Meta Platforms had previously voluntarily committed to watermarking AI-generated content to enhance its safety. However, the new order is anticipated to surpass these commitments, placing a heightened emphasis on user safety.

Key Initiatives under the Executive Order:

AI Safety and Security: 

Developers are now mandated to share safety test results and critical information with the US government, with a particular focus on AI models carrying national security, economic, or public safety implications. Rigorous standards will be established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, overseen by the Department of Homeland Security and the AI Safety and Security Board. 

Biological Material Engineering: 

Strict standards will be introduced to counter potential risks associated with AI in engineering biological materials. Compliance with these standards will be a prerequisite for federal funding. 

Combatting Fraud and Deception: 

Measures will be implemented to safeguard Americans from AI-enabled fraud and deception. Guidelines for authenticating AI-generated content will be established. 

Privacy Protection: 

Given AI's capacity to extract and exploit personal data, President Biden has urged Congress to pass bipartisan data privacy legislation. Federal support will be directed toward privacy-preserving techniques and technologies. 

Advancing Equity and Civil Rights: 

Clear guidance will be provided to prevent AI algorithms from exacerbating discrimination. The Department of Justice and federal civil rights offices will collaborate to address algorithmic discrimination. 

Consumer Protection: 

Responsible AI use will be mandated in healthcare and drug development, with a focus on safety and transparency. Additionally, AI-enabled educational tools will be promoted to support educators and students. 

Supporting Workers: 

Best practices and principles will be established to balance the benefits and potential hazards of AI in the workforce, addressing issues like job displacement, labor standards, and workplace equity. 

Promoting Innovation and Competition: 

The order aims to sustain the United States' leadership in AI innovation by catalyzing research, supporting small developers and entrepreneurs, and streamlining visa criteria for skilled immigrants. 

Advancing American Leadership Abroad: 

President Biden intends to collaborate with other nations to ensure safe and trustworthy AI deployment on a global scale. This includes expanding international collaborations and accelerating the development of AI standards. 

Responsible Government Use of AI: 

The order provides guidance for government agencies on the responsible deployment of AI, efficient procurement, and swift hiring of AI professionals.

Bruce Reed, White House Deputy Chief of Staff, hailed the order as the "strongest set of actions" taken by any government to guarantee AI security, emphasizing its role in harnessing the benefits of AI while mitigating associated risks. Additionally, the Group of Seven industrial countries is set to establish a code of conduct for companies involved in advanced AI systems development, as per a G7 document.

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