Tesla Engages in Talks with India's Investment Agency, Eyeing Market Entry

Tesla engages in high-level discussions with India's investment agency to explore market entry possibilities. The EV manufacturer aims to build an affordable factory in India, signaling significant developments in the Indian EV landscape.

Jul 28, 2023 - 11:44
Jul 28, 2023 - 11:45
Tesla Engages in Talks with India's Investment Agency, Eyeing Market Entry
Tesla Engages in Talks with India's Investment Agency, Eyeing Market Entry

Tesla, the prominent electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is making significant strides towards its market entry in India. In a series of high-level discussions, two senior Tesla executives held meetings with officials from India's investment promotion arm to explore the possibilities of establishing a strong presence in the country's burgeoning EV market. The talks revolved around Tesla's plans to build a factory in India, aimed at producing an affordable EV priced at $24,000, significantly cheaper than the company's current entry model.

During their visit to New Delhi, the U.S.-based executives, Rohan Patel (Senior Public Policy and Business Development Executive) and Roshan Thomas (Vice President for Supply Chain), engaged in detailed discussions with representatives from Invest India agency. While the specifics of the meetings remained confidential, it was confirmed that Nivruti Rai, CEO of Invest India and a former executive of Intel, was also present during the discussions.

Tesla's potential market entry in India has garnered immense interest from various stakeholders in the automotive industry. The company is actively exploring options to establish a localized EV supply chain and secure suitable land for the proposed factory. Several Indian states are vying to attract Tesla's investment, but the automaker is currently focused on engaging with the federal government in New Delhi to discuss its proposals and seek necessary approvals.

This represents a notable shift in Tesla's approach, as previous efforts to reduce import taxes on EVs imported into India faced obstacles when government officials sought a commitment from Tesla to manufacture vehicles locally. This time, Tesla is keen on exploring local manufacturing to tap into the rapidly growing Indian EV market.

While both Tesla and Invest India have refrained from making official statements regarding the discussions, the engagements indicate the company's serious intent to explore opportunities and establish a prominent foothold in India's EV landscape.

As the discussions continue, industry experts and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate further updates and developments, looking forward to witnessing Tesla's strategic moves and its potential contributions to India's electric mobility revolution.

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