Oil Prices Drop: Challenges for OPEC+ as Supplies Keep Growing

Oil Rollercoaster: Prices Take a Dip, Posing Challenges for OPEC+ Leaders

Nov 17, 2023 - 02:00
Nov 17, 2023 - 02:00
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Oil Prices Drop: Challenges for OPEC+ as Supplies Keep Growing
Oil Prices Drop: Challenges for OPEC+ as Supplies Keep Growing

Oil prices are falling a lot. It's been four weeks in a row, and now they say it's a "bear market." This means prices are going down a bunch.

The kind of oil called West Texas Intermediate is around $73 for one barrel. That's a big drop from when it was higher in September. Another type of oil, called Brent, also went down a lot—almost 5% in one day!

People thought the big countries in a group called OPEC+ could make prices steady. Saudi Arabia and Russia, who lead the group, tried, but it's not working well. More and more oil is being produced, and there's a lot in storage, making prices go down.

The International Energy Agency said that there's too much oil right now. This makes it harder for OPEC+ to control the prices. They are going to talk about what to do on November 26.

Some experts think that even though prices are low now, they might go up to $80 or $100 in a few years. Others say that non-OPEC countries are producing more oil than expected, and that's why prices are dropping.

In the United States, where they use a lot of oil, the amount of stored oil is the highest since August. Also, in China, where they buy a ton of oil, the factories are using less, so they don't need as much oil.

People who study money and markets say that the world economy is not doing great, and that's why oil prices are going down. They also look at how much oil is being produced in the future, and right now, it seems like there will be more than needed.

In short, oil prices are going down, and it's a bit tricky for the big countries trying to control it. We'll see what they decide in their meeting later this month.

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